Help me replace my lost hat.
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Help me replace this hat. Because I lost it. I see lots of similar hats on Amazon, etc. But the colors just look wrong.

What other colors would you recommend, if I can't find the exact match (or to make me branch out)?
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What color is that, exactly? Dark gray? Is there a label in the hat?
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Response by poster: i lost it, i don't remember what the label name was. it's more the look i'm trying to replicate. i believe it's a really dark olive green.
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So is that front edge upturned like a small front bill on purpose or is taht just the way you're wearing it. I guess I mean is it constructed to have the upturned edge on the front, only. Also what sort of material was it? Wool? acrylic? cotton?
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Response by poster: it's a small front bill.

not sure what the material was. it felt like a typical beanie, soft.
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I'm not sure how much it will help you but I have seen really any hat with a short bill like that described as "newsboy" - "newsboy tams" turns up some very similar items. I have a few hats that look fairly similar to the one in your image, they simply have a bulkier thread and are woven a little differently, I tuck my dreads up in the back and stretch them out something fierce. I'm not sure if "newsboy" is the appropriate nomenclature, maybe if we knew someone who really liked hats and language they could better inform you?
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this isn't a newsboy, it's a visor beanie.
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it is also called a jeep cap . check local army surplus stores, esp this time of year they should have them.
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Yeah not a newsboy. Newsboys have a slouch look on the sides. All the visor beanies/jeep caps I can find have a much more pronounced bill. You should befriend a knitter.
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Would this do the trick?

Or this?
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There's a store on Etsy that makes beanies similar to that. Example. If that's what you're looking for, I'm sure you could ask for a specific color, since they're hand-made.
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