Male Pattern Balding Below The Belt
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OK, so there was the must I submit to monthly waxing question, which brought out tons of responses from "no, do what you want" to "yes, you should if you're dating" to "you're being oppressed by a patriarchal society" to "it smacks of pedophilia". That being said, what are the opinions of men trimming/shaving their below the belt region? More specifically, women, would you be turned off or disgusted by a guy who trimmed or shaved?
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Turned off or disgusted?

posted by ITheCosmos at 7:57 PM on October 16, 2007

No, not at all. I kind of like it.
posted by odayoday at 8:03 PM on October 16, 2007

Never had the experience. But I am sometimes rather turned off and disgusted at finding two-inch hairs at the back of my throat.
posted by po at 8:03 PM on October 16, 2007

The first question was about waxing, not shaving or trimming. Just to clarify.
posted by Miko at 8:04 PM on October 16, 2007

Also, this seems like ChatFilter.
posted by Miko at 8:04 PM on October 16, 2007

I'd be pleasantly surprised. It would be nice not to get hair in my mouth.
posted by rosethorn at 8:04 PM on October 16, 2007

From women I've discussed the subject with:

Trim - All are absolutely in favor of keeping things from getting out of control.

Shave - Mixed but mostly get the impression that they don't like having sex with pre-pubescent boys.
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I have known women that love a naked Pink Soldier (although I'd never shave mine).

I also have known women that have zero issues with a trimmed and tidied up Wee Fella. 'Zero issues' to the point of positively enthusiastic, in fact.

This may be crazy, but I am going to tentatively suggest that, maybe, all women are different and it is utterly dependent on the one spending time south of your belt?
posted by Brockles at 8:05 PM on October 16, 2007

Well, from what I _hear_, trimming makes Mr. Robot Junior look just that much bigger.

Apparently, from the spam mail I receive, this is a major concern.


Do with that information what you will.
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A man trimming? Not a turn off. Frankly, I'd be thankful for the reduced chance of a pube-induced gag.

Shaving? If we're talking complete baldness, I'd be not so in love the day of or the day after, but it wouldn't freak me out.

A man waxing the nether parts regularly would be a little weird for me, though. As a lark, though, no big whoop.

I guess in sum it's a continuum.
posted by Stewriffic at 8:09 PM on October 16, 2007

Absolutely no problem with it! My personal preference would be a close trimming, but can't argue with perfectly smooth. :)
posted by iguanapolitico at 8:11 PM on October 16, 2007

I think a little light manicuring it always appreciated.
posted by whoaali at 8:22 PM on October 16, 2007

trimming would be better than shaving. shaving is a bit much. maybe using the clippers on a low setting?
posted by twistofrhyme at 8:22 PM on October 16, 2007

I'm probably stare in surprise at a completely waxed/shaved man. I can't imagine thinking he looks like a prepubescent boy, unless he's much smaller than any adult man I've ever encountered, in which case I'd be thinking more about that than about hair. Have you ever seen a prepubescent boy, Octoparrot?
posted by croutonsupafreak at 8:33 PM on October 16, 2007

Perhaps it is a great injustice that men can seem to get away with trimming (say with clippers) where women feel compelled to go for waxing...

Shaving for a man? Not unless you have specific job requirements...

That said I'm sure that plenty of guys don't need to do this, but I try to use the clippers once every few weeks... it only takes a minute or two in the shower.

Why? Personally I like the added illusion of length afforded by a strategic reduction in the density of pubes... YMMV.
posted by wfrgms at 8:40 PM on October 16, 2007

I am all in favour of some landscaping. The fully smooth look is fun and a novelty, but only if YOU enjoy doing it, and don't let it get stubbly. Stubble burn is SO not sexy. There is, however, quite a bit to be said for a couple of game, willing perverts shaving all the naughty essentials bare, oiling up and... uh, killing off a bottle of wine together *wink, wink*.

the bonus of trimming the hedges on the boy parts = no / not as much hair gets stuck in the teeth (much appreciated, ahem) and condoms go on more easily, with no yanking out of the stragglers.

That said, I've dated with / lived with (and am now married to one) primarily bicycle racer dudes for the past two decades, and lemme tell you, nearly all of those guys landscape to some extent. Lack of... err, 'butt-fuzz' = lack-of-chafing / saddlesores / etcetera for those who do long mileage.

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I prefer things all natural there. I think shaving, trimming, and especially complete hairlessness, look really weird on a guy.

But basically, Brockles has it.
posted by cmgonzalez at 8:55 PM on October 16, 2007

It would be lovely if furry guys would trim a bit.

Shaving? Seen it and I'm not so impressed. Gets stubbly very quickly. Discomfort from face stubble is bad enough without introducing another bristly surface against which to moistly rub.

Also, it's awfully easy to get ingrown hairs which don't look so sexy. (Avoided by the extra pube-area maintenance of exfoliation, but this is yet another step)
posted by desuetude at 9:05 PM on October 16, 2007

This is great tx

*snip snip*
posted by Camofrog at 9:09 PM on October 16, 2007

I am appreciative of some trimming, but would be weirded out by going completely bald. But then I think bald nethers look funny on both sexes.
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Trimming, to a manageable but still natural-looking length, would likely be appreciated by most.

Trim too much, however, and it will look and feel like your willy has a mustache.

Shaving is, at the very least, weird, especially if your completely bald member is framed by a hairy stomach and thighs.
posted by Metroid Baby at 9:55 PM on October 16, 2007

Shaved balls are licked balls.
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okay, my above post might get deleted. a lot of guys are happy to go down on a woman with some landscaping; the same is true vice versa. unless you're built like a god, i'd stay away from shaving/waxing everything.

and unless you're shaving everyday (or waxing regularly), trimming is probably better - ingrown hairs aren't sexy.
posted by whitneykitty at 10:10 PM on October 16, 2007

I can get down with pretty much anything but strongly prefer guys to at least trim down the length. Fully shaving isn't necessary.

Much more important to me is cleanliness: I'd take a clean natural peen over a shaved "aromatic" peen any day. But, guys who shave are clearly paying more attention to the area generally, so I see that as a good sign for the conditions.
posted by loiseau at 10:31 PM on October 16, 2007

Also, I have never laid eyes on an adult male penis in flagrante delicto and been reminded of a child. Ever. I can't even grok that (seemingly common) association.
posted by loiseau at 10:35 PM on October 16, 2007

No, no, no. Terrible. Dreadful!

Why would someone do that?!? I am making a horrified face right now.

Men are supposed to be hairy! It's... it's nice when men are manly and a little scruffy and things of that nature.

If I were dating a man and he took his pants off and it were revealed that he removed all his personal hair, I think I would leave. I suppose I might not be able to tell if he had judiciously manscaped, but if I knew, I would be really weirded out, to the point of... revulsion, frankly.
posted by thehmsbeagle at 10:38 PM on October 16, 2007

The amount of hair is secondary to the cleanliness (loiseau had it). Po had a good point, too. No one wants hair in the throat. It just doesn't belong there and it's impossible to get out (or so I hear).

I wouldn't like shaved completely, but I've known women who would and guys who did. But as Brockles said, we are all different. It depends on the woman you're with. Find someone enthusiastic about what is above your belt and I wager she'd be happy with whatever she encounters below.
posted by routergirl at 10:46 PM on October 16, 2007

hmsbeagle, I know. Men are supposed to be gruff and hairy. I agree! But jungly? Men don't need afros down there. If a guy took his pants off and the hair wrapped around you and blinded you with its sheer'd be just as repulsed, wouldn't you?

I never really answered as far as preferences. I'm in favour of a trim, but only if it's really needed.
posted by routergirl at 10:50 PM on October 16, 2007

I would be disappointed and confused. I find the sight of that trail of stomach hair into the jeans extremely erotic.
posted by b33j at 10:54 PM on October 16, 2007

I appreciate a little trim, especially since I am usually waxed. As much as I appreciate a man and the natural idea of having pubic hair, it never hurts to tame it down a bit.
posted by harrumph at 11:32 PM on October 16, 2007

My SO is a fan of the manscaping. Generally I prefer keeping things trimmed downstairs. I think that otherwise it just looks, well, unkempt. YMMV of course.

Many people have already mentioned oral sex. Personally, I prefer either a closely trimmed or a clean shaven pubis, because I like eating pussy, not hair. I see no reason why well trimmed pubic hair on a guy should be different.

Oh, and it will definitely make your prick look bigger.
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My wife very much appreciates my trimming. I use the #2 guard on a set of clippers. Works fine.
posted by ericales at 1:31 AM on October 17, 2007

smooth out the steak and potatoes, leave a little bit of garnish on the plate
posted by phritosan at 1:41 AM on October 17, 2007

My personal preference is this - completely hairless scrotum, with trimmed hair above the base of the penis.

Balls are awkward enough to suck as it is (unless you get in the right position). If I'm going there I want to know I'm not going to have to keep sticking my fingers in my mouth every few minutes to pull hairs out. So yeah, bald balls.

One of my exes was quite a hairy guy, but his pubic hair was quite thin, compared to say, mine. It was a good look on him, because he still looked "manly" without looking metro. Another guy I was with had pubes that were about 6" long when pulled straight - every time I went down on him they would end up in my mouth and nose, which wasn't fun.
posted by Solomon at 2:47 AM on October 17, 2007

As stated in the previously mentioned thread, I shave down as does my gf. And most of my friends in my circle do the same. Encouraging more face to face time is always a positive in my book.
posted by wile e at 3:41 AM on October 17, 2007

I love it. My partner gets a full brazilian/sack and crack wax every couple of months, and I get a full brazilian. It is far preferable for oral sex, and the orgasms are just so much better, and easier to achieve, when there is no hair to get in the way. Smooth on smooth baby!

For us it's purely tactile - I really couldn't give two hoots what it looks like.
posted by goo at 4:18 AM on October 17, 2007

I enjoyed when it was smooth, the stubble was a bit of a killer (as others have mentioned). Also as others have mentioned the biggest turnoff is not bothering to tend to the rest of your hair. It's like "I shaved a little circle off, now you're going to give me lots of head right?" Take some time, put a little attention into the details. Try and make it blend a little if you've got thick hair on your stomach. And seriously don't forget the rear bits, having a huge tail growing out of your ass crack is... ugh...
posted by anaelith at 5:24 AM on October 17, 2007

I don't shave, as I don't find stubble to be sexy or pleasant. But I do trim the hair down there on occasion, as no one needs to deal with shaggy pubic hair.
posted by browse at 5:46 AM on October 17, 2007

Grody. Period. A little hair in my mouth never killed me. And I don't like what it implies about a man. (Other people do, it seems, but me, no way.)

And "it looks longer"? Who cares. I'm not taking off your pants for an optical illusion and it will feel the same no matter what.
posted by dame at 6:13 AM on October 17, 2007

Selective, tasteful trimming = fine.
Shaving = hate.

Just a data point.
posted by CiaoMela at 6:26 AM on October 17, 2007

No hair down there on a man is lovely! I'm totally for it (and so is the husband, every two weeks).
posted by Andorinha at 6:27 AM on October 17, 2007

trim it. i always hated giving head to men with outta control pubic hair.
posted by misanthropicsarah at 7:08 AM on October 17, 2007

I think it's hot.
posted by frecklefaerie at 7:20 AM on October 17, 2007

What thehmsbeagle said. I'm not used to guys who spend that kind of time worrying about their balls & the hairiness thereto: it would weird me right out. I don't understand all this worry about the hairs in the mouth; are the guys y'all are dating shedding badly or something? Mangy? I've never noticed a bunch of hair in my mouth with anyone.
posted by mygothlaundry at 7:23 AM on October 17, 2007

Whoops, I meant this comment.
posted by mygothlaundry at 7:24 AM on October 17, 2007

agreeing with Solomon's preference but no hair at all is cool with me too. Too much of the hairy is not my thing.
posted by pointystick at 8:25 AM on October 17, 2007

Trimming is good good good! shaving borders on the obsessive cleanliness and you will hate the growing back in of it. Why do I think trimming is good: less smelly, less distraction.
posted by kenzi23 at 9:06 AM on October 17, 2007

It makes your cock look bigger
posted by poppo at 9:10 AM on October 17, 2007

TMI warning:
I found out, the hard way, that the fumunda hair (hair fumunda ya balls) is there to prevent mad chafing. I'm athletic even---but I got MAD taint irritation after getting rid of that hair. I keep the hair on top shorter than natural, but I've found that under about half an inch gets itchy as HECK, and you have to use EXTREMELY sharp scissors and NOT razors, because that hair is stiff, and crosscutting it will itch you into oblivion.
posted by TomMelee at 10:24 AM on October 17, 2007

Sort of an aside, but I've found conditioner gets a generally positive result from whatever you choose to leave behind.
posted by Cyrano at 4:56 PM on October 17, 2007

Makes absolutely no different to me. I appreciate both ways, au naturale or baby smooth. I've been with the same person for years, but when coming into contact with sex partners in the past, I barely noticed either way.

Why do people care so much about this? Whether you're shaved or hairy, all it says about you is "I'm human". It doesn't reflect upon you whatsoever.
posted by mjao at 10:38 PM on October 17, 2007

"Trim the tower and shave the power."

[BYW, The Deej learned that from me. In case he claims otherwise.]
posted by humannaire at 7:49 PM on October 19, 2007

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