Foxit, Firefox and PDF opening issues
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Why do some PDF's open in Acrobat instead of Foxit when using Firefox, even when Foxit is the default reader?

I'm having issues with Firefox and PDF's, and would appreciate some help and suggestions.

I use Foxit as my default PDF reader in both Firefox and Windows (WinXP), and I use the PDF Download extension for Firefox.

However, some PDF links in web pages continue to open in Acrobat (6.0, Professional edition). I also have bookmarks set up for a couple of PDF files that I use regularly, but these open in Acrobat as well.

This is only happening in FF, so apart from uninstalling Acrobat (which I don't want to do at the moment), is there any way to stop this from happening?

Thanks in advance.
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Best answer: Go to Tools-Options-Content-File Types-Manage... then find where PDF files are listed. My bet is that "Open with Adobe Acrobat" is under action. If you hit the "Change Action" button (while PDF is selected) you can change the default behavior to whatever you want.

I've got the same problem, with all the same programs, except PDF Download.
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It's because Adobe has its own plugin that allows FF to view PDFs inside the broswer. My guess is that it trumps the PDF Download plugin.
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Response by poster: Problem sorted.

I completely missed that section in the FF options menu - knew it would be something simple!

Thanks very much for your help philomathoholic, I appreciate it.
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