Where to find results of American Idol
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I missed American Idol (not that I, um, watch, or anything), who was voted off tonight?
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The bad one.
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Response by poster: Thanks, my GF was angry 'cause I was watching Angel and wouldn't let her change the channel.
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What I do when that happens to me is visit the forums. It's pretty easily to gleen within about 5 minutes of the shows ending (it was on at 9pm EST tonight, btw) who was voted off. I don't reccomend spending more time than neccesary there though, some rabid human beings with WAY too much time on their hands lurk there.

I'll just say I was perfectly content with the results, although my Idol wasn't in the top three anyway.
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There's always TWOP.
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Grod, develop a love for Television Without Pity. That way you'll always know what happened for watercooler talk, but you'll never actually have to watch the damn show. Also, they have forums, too.
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Response by poster: Thanks. For some reason a general google "American Idol" didn't do much good, lots of sites but I couldn't find any useful content just long rants. I've bookmarked television without pity, that'll come in handy.
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Not snarking, but this is a great question for Google News.
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I haven't seen this show, as I live abroad. Seriously, can anyone explain to me why a talent show is so fascinating that CNN keeps reporting -- in its top slot of links -- who lost on American Idol this week or who was voted off bachelor island? Isn't this sort of like that Ed McMahon Star Search show in the 80s?
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Yay, jasmine is finally out!
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www.realitynewsonline.com is my source. The recaps of the love shows are infinitely more entertaining to read than they are to watch. And they've got an game theoretician analyzing survivor and running regression analysis on the shows to predict winners. I sometimes feel almost smart reading stuff on there.
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I haven't seen this show, as I live abroad.

Are you sure there isn't a local version of the show where you live? I think they have Idol spinoffs in over 20 countries now.
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Self-pimp: As part of my job, I update the MSNBC entertainment section shortly after each of these various vote-offs. So I can explain to you why sites like CNN and MSNBC put this kind of thing on the covers: They're damn popular. Sure, it's just entertainment, but so's sports, and the Super Bowl gets tons more ink than Idol/Survivor/Apprentice/etc put together.
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Planetkyoto, it's a very popular show here. It airs twice a week and both airings are usually in the top 5, mixed in with other huge shows like CSI, Friends, and ER. And since there is an audience participation factor, people are much more involved and interested in the results.
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Since the show is broadcast at 9 both east coast and pacific time (tape delay), I went to Yahoo entertainment news at 7:05 in California (the show had just ended on the east coast), and was able to find out 2 hours before the show actually even began here. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Time travel lives!!! Now if only there was a similar mechanism for winning lottery numbers.
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There is also the official American Idol Website, but I don't know when they update.

And you made the right choice - Angel rocked on Wednesday.
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