Help Me Liven Up Financial Information Design
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Help me find a well-designed financial services site that is not stuffy!

I'm looking to resolve the marketing challenge of communicating executive compensation account information and updates via a dedicated site and also email and epostcards in an innovative, un-stuffy way for a very senior group! Any un-boring financial services bells&whistles that you recommend, much appreciated.

For example I once saw a site that looked like a bunch of notebook pages and you could click and turn the page, or stick it in a old-school manila type file folder ... I would like to adapt that kind of jazzy presentation ...

Apologies if this is too tedious!!
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Baby Boomers are the current target market of well-designed (read: well funded) financial services sites. Factor in usability and/or accessibility issues (which includes pushing data to mobile devices and which the majority of financial services sites will at least be paying lip service to), as well as legal issues, and you get a little further from jazzy. I say this as a former interaction and UI designer at a major financial services company. It's a difficult industry to be very creative in, and for some good reasons. That said, Dennis Hopper does a commercial for Ameriprise, so there may be room for the bizarre.

What about finding innovative/jazzy UIs and mocking them up with your financial data to show how you propose to convey information?
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