Free program to convert WMA to MP3 in OS X?
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I'm looking for a free program to convert WMA to MP3 in OS X? The closest thing I came up with a google search is EasyWMA. It's cheap, but not free.
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Zamzar will do it, but it's not quite a program so much as it's a website. It's free, though.

We're also sorta mad at Zamzar because it got self-linked to mefi's front page once, but it does work.
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Best answer: Switch is free and works for Mac and Windows. They also have a pay-for version with more functionality, but looks like the free version will do what you need to do.
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If VLC can read it, it can transcode it to mp3. Use the Streaming/Exporting Wizard in the File menu.
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Doesn't iTunes do this automatically? My wife tried this a couple weeks ago. Just drag and drop the WMA files into iTunes and the conversion is automatic. The one thing I'm not sure of is whether you can control the output format, or whether it automatically converts to AAC. It might default to whatever your default import format is.
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Response by poster: Thanks all for the recommendations. Zamzar is great but it does not offer compression settings. VLC will definitely works. But I think Switch is the way to go in this case since it seems to be "idiot-proof".
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Response by poster: hwestiii, yes iTunes can converts WMA to MP3 for you but unfortunately that function is only available on the Windows version and not on OS X.
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