Cheese knives? Blades? Cleavers? Slicers?
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Cheese knives? Blades? Cleavers? Slicers? Cutters? We had dinner at some friends' the other week. They had these cool cheese cutting tools that were a cross between a flat blade like you apply spackle with, and a nubby handle like on a short screwdriver. They were only about 3" or 4" from cutting edge to tip of handle.

They were much easier to use - pressing down through the cheese with the end of the handle in your palm instead of trying to lever & rock the blade through it with a traditional horizontal knife. And you could use a corner of the blade to stab & serve or use it like a mini spatula.

I asked the hostess where she got them & she said she'd had them for years and thought they were OXO's, but the OXO site doesn't have anything like them.

I've searched the intertubes high & low with all the combos of terminology above, and haven't had any luck. Maybe there is something else they're called that I don't know about?
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Do you mean a wide blade cheese knife like the middle one here?
posted by iconomy at 6:48 AM on October 9, 2007

Did any of them look like any of these? It sounds like either a cheese knife or some modified spreader.
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A cheese plane?
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Response by poster: iconomy's link looks the closest. And it could be I'm not remembering the handle shape exactly. I thought they were rounder, but these guys are pretty close.

Definitely not a planer or anything with a wire or rolly thing.
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Response by poster: Here's some more!
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Best answer: They're called wide blade cheese knives, and sometimes bell-shaped. The ones you linked to look to be pretty good quality. I have one with a marble handle - I'll see if I can find it.
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Best answer: My set looks just like this, but they're nothing special. I think I bought them at Kohl's in the US.
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Best answer: Sounds like your looking for a parmesan knife.
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We have one of those, I'm pretty sure it just came from our local kitchenware store. Unless it's well-stocked, odds are it will only be sold as part of a set (à la iconomy's link).
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Response by poster: Ooo ico I think they are those marble ones! YAY!!!! And the parmesan one is close, too.

Thanks you guys!
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