Searching for ingredients to Mo's 24 Herb Tea
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Thirty-two years ago, I met and began courting my wife over several cups of Celestial Seasonings' Mo's 24 Herb Tea. They don't make that blend anymore, and their suggested replacement, Sleepytime, is not as good. I'd like to approximate it, if possible for our anniversary. I recall that it had chamomile flowers, lemon grass, and rose hips. Can any Mefites remember any of the other 21 ingredients?
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Ask his agent?
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if no mefites give you a good answer, you might get some sort of success from emailing the company- a cute story like that might grab their eye.

or go to a specialty tea shop and ask the tea ladies there- you might find a lifelong tea freak who's been on top of this stuff for decades, and she might remember.

there might be a similar tea-expert with a long memory at a health-food store with a good tea section. look for people in the age range who might have been herbal tea drinkers 32 years ago.

good luck- what a sweet thing to do!
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Celestial seasonings will definitely know. They still have old boxes of it-- I remember seeing them on the tour (just the boxes, though, I don't think there is any tea in it any more . . .). Try here
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Response by poster: Thanks, I already emailed them, but they must be taking the holiday off.
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and i found this woman here:

Joan Boykin, Director of Marketing, New Products and Public Relations, Celestial Seasonings:
As a youngster, Joan Boykin was introduced to tea by her Irish grandmother, who taught her how to “make ‘n sip a proper cup”. Her first Celestial Seasonings tea-sipping experience was in the early seventies, when Joan purchased Celestial’s revamped “Mo's 24 Herb Tea®” in a tiny natural foods store in the Denver area. With her passion for natural products and quality, Joan inevitably joined Celestial Seasonings, and in the eighties Joan worked on the Creative for many of Celestial’s packages—including blah blah blah.

she liked the revamped kind, but she might well have access to the secret herb list, and be nostalgic enough about the brand to help you.
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Tazo's Passion Tea is also very similar, if Celestial Seasonings doesn't come through. I hope they do, though; what a romantic concept!
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Response by poster: Thanks for the input, everyone. I am still waiting for Celestial Seasonings to respond. Just in case anyone is wondering, I find that mixing Tension Tamer and Sleepytime comes very close to my memory. It's also very relaxing and makes a nice change from the high-strength coffee I usually drink.
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Best answer: Final Update
I finally got a response from Celestial Seasonings!
Ingredients: Hibiscus flowers, raspberry leaves, eucalyptus, peppermint, spearmint, strawberry leaves, chamomile, anise, rosehips, alfalfa, rosemary, papaya, blackberry leaves, mullein, comfrey, nettles, golden rod, blueberry leaves, elder flowers, catnip, plantain, sage, yarrow, and red clover tops.
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