Protecting a LaCie desktop hard drive?
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Are there any protective covers or cases available for the LaCie d2 Quadra?

The radio program I work for recently lost its original 500 GB LaCie d2 to almost exactly this accident, and now it's being replaced with the same model. I've looked around the web for some sort of protective case that could prevent something like this from happening in the future (unfortunately, keeping it in one place without moving isn't feasible) but I haven't had any luck finding products that would fit. Does anyone make a case that fits a d2 Quadra?
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To answer your immediate question:

Lacie makes a desktop rack and an actual 19" rackmount kit for the d2.

To scold you like an angry school marm:

Computer hardware 'accidents' for extremely important data are avoided through two things: redundancy and physical isolation. Datacenters are controlled-access environments so that people don't accidentally pour Mountain Dew into storage devices. Should they, there's another copy. A single local-bus connected disk without a backup is begging to be destroyed. Get 2 disks and connect them with a cheap XP box in a closet using windows filesharing. Your movement issues will be moot because the data is always available via the network.
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Yup. If you only have one copy of something, you must not want it very bad. Networked data backup is the only way to fly. (And then an offline backup of the networked backup would be nice, too.)

You don't want to enclose a hard drive while it's running, for thermal reasons. Attach the cables to the desk so they can't work as tripwires. For transport, try a Pelican, Starlight, or similar case.
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Lacie is going to ship a 250GB Rugged design that has a built-in protective case. You could get two to replace your 500GB model.
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