Halo craft ideas wanted
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I would like to make some Halo (the video game) things for my husband's birthday (next week). I am thinking about a Halo-cake (any good ideas? I don't want to make a photo cake) but don't have any other ideas. I don't live in the US and cannot buy many special products here. I also don't want to spend a lot of money. It's the idea that counts. Any ideas?
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go onto his xbox live account and find out what his favorite gun is and make cake of it.
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Best answer: I was looking for the same kind of thing last week for our anniversary. I found this:


Some stuff is doable, but some of it was crazy! The link to "Nomi's Paper Spartans" was what I ended up using. So cute! The stencil on that site could also probably be used as a stencil for a cake, if you're feeling ambitious. Good luck!
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Print out some of the maps and make birthday hats out of them.
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The worlds in Halo are toroidal. Could you make a bundt cake or an angel food cake (i.e. a donut-shaped cake) and decorate it appropriately?
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It might help if you told us what you can buy -- food coloring, assorted icing, that sort of thing. Do you have easy access to an arts and crafts store? You could possibly make a Master Chief helmet.
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Response by poster: Thanks very much so far, those links look great, I will check everything out in more detail.
I can buy food coloring and there is a crafts store where I live.
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Best answer: You could give him a copy of the Halo movie script written by Alex Garland (The Beach, 28 Days Later, Sunshine). It's a 128 page PDF that can print on three hold punch paper and fasten with brads. Normally, I wouldn't link to stuff like this before the movie is out, but the project has been officially killed by the studio so it doesn't ruin anything.
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Marzipan halo men? You need foods colouring, marzipan and maybe a boiled sweet for the glass in the helmet. Failing that, gingerbread halo men. Try looking up a recipe for stained glass cookies, for extra fun.
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Make cupcakes with orange, blue, red, and green frosting. Write the appropriate letters (Y, X, B, A) on the tops in white frosting.

Whatever you buy him, it should be covered in a clear bowl, placed upsidedown over the gift. This should provide the proper bubble shield protection from enemies.

Halo music in the background is a must. Try to coordinate it so the battle music picks up as he opens his gifts.

Then again, you could always dress up as Cortana and get in his head with important messages about his upcoming mission (plan accordingly).

I'm out of ideas. I'm going to go outside and do something—anything—remotely cool, to counterbalance the vortex of geekdom I just felt myself gravitating towards. Good luck with the Halo Birthday!
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Best answer: Perler beads are very awesome for making video game-inspired crafts. I couldn't find any Halo-specific examples, but this should inspire you.

The armpatch insignia (whatever they're called) should be easy to make. See what your husband chose for his, and then make him a coaster of it for work. (Hot glue cork on the back--you can get thin cork at hardware stores.)

Cross-stitch would be fun too. Any grid-based crafts are always fun for video game stuff (even if Halo isn't 8-bit).
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Response by poster: Thanks! Why didn't I think to ask this sooner! These ideas all look great.
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