How can I secure the packages that get delivered to my home?
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I have completely embraced the online world...and have come to order many items online - which means lots of deliveries at home, parcels, packets - big envelopes (including 20 pieces of vinyl a week for my DJ work...)

So I get home deliveries 3/4 times a week - sometimes more - and I'm always at work... I'm looking for a device/contraption that sits outside my house (securely) that will allow postmen and couriers to leave items, that only I can recieve. The normal mailbox is too small for most items.

I know I saw one of these on UK TV programme some time ago, but googling has not helped...any postmen know what I'm on about? Or anyone seen anything similar?
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These things?
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Exactly what I saw chrismear - thanks for that - but of course, they are all in beta test, and none of them seem to actually retail one.

So my supplemental - has anyone seens anything like this working? Is there a less 'engineered' version out there that is currently available?
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Would it be possible just to have stuff delivered to work?
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While perhaps not exactly what you're looking for, these people might be a cheap and easy alternative until something better makes it into the mainstream:

Basically you get your goods delivered to them, and for 4.95 they'll deliver it at a time that's more convenient for you, up to 11pm.
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rschroed - its a good idea - unfortunately, I travel a lot for my work, so am in different offices 2 or 3 times a week, also my office is not great at receiving goods.
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2 low-tech ideas: A friend told me that his neighbor has a bin out near her door marked "deliveries", but I think it's something homemade and probably not a solution for most neighborhoods.

And I know it's not really the same thing, but what about having a private mailbox, like from mailboxes etc.?
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I know this won't help, but, I think it's hilarious.

I'm in the same boat as you. I order craploads of stuff online, often in largish boxes. My UPS guy puts them under my door mat. Imagine if you will, something like, say, a monitor box, measuring perhaps 3 feet to a side, with a welcome mat on top of it. Take that, potential thieves!
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Here is what can be done in our area. Create a plywood box, reinforced, with a padlock device. Paint it a blah color disguise as needed. Meet UPS guy for a delivery, explain to him to 1. place items in big closable box. 2. close lid and click padlock on closure.

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How about one of those locking mailboxes? You might be able to find one large enough for LPs, I think. They've got a tilting door, much like the deposit bin at the bank, so that nobody can reach inside, and a locked container for the mail. Plus, they're huge, and can be cemented into the ground for extra security.
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In the UK, you can have things delivered straight to your local post office for no charge, and then pick them up there. Depends how local your local post office is, I guess.
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