Too Poor for Gore?
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DRAFTGORE.COM just sent me an Email asking for money to run an add in the NY Times, and I’m desperate enough to do it. Are they legitimate?
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Best answer: It has gotten press coverage. Include a press release in Campaigns and Elections.
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Response by poster: Thanks, AlongDecember, for answering the question without jumping to conclusions. I gave Dennis Kucinich a little money the last time around.
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Mod note: A few comments removed. The question is about the legitimacy of the site/organization, not whether you think Gore is likely to run for office.
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Best answer: They're connected to Liberty Concepts, a high-profile legitimate campaign consultancy (Andrew Cuomo, Ciro Rodriguez). They take contributions through ActBlue, not a guarantee of "legitimacy" per se but a strong indicator of operating in the open. They have actually bought radio time. Last quarter they raised $67K and disbursed $41K. There were two other PACs with "Gore" in their name that raised and disbursed nothing.
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An ad from was in today's New York Times. That was probably the one they were asking money for.
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