How Can I Easily Watermark Multiple Images?
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What's the fast and easy way to digitally watermark and/or put a libe of copyright text on a few subdirectories full of jpegs?
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Photoshop supports automated tasks. Read up on Photoshop actions.
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If you're using Windows, you can do it easily (and for free) with Irfanview.

Download the program and install (natch.) Then, with all of the images you want to watermark in one directory, go to:


Select the directory with your images, and the choose ADD ALL.

In OUTPUT DIRECTORY, type (or select) a new directory where the processed images will be saved.

3/4th of the way down at the bottom, there are two options under WORK AS:


Then beneath that, there is a checkbox on the right that says USE ADVANCED OPTIONS. Select that, then click on the SET ADVANCED OPTIONS button.

On the lefthand side of the new window, about 3/4th of the way down, there is a checkbox labelled ADD OVERLAY TEXT. Select that.

Then, click on the SETTINGS button directly next to it. You can choose where you want the text to be on your images, put in the text, append copyright, etcetera in this window. I highly suggest selecting your own font and color with the FONT button (because mine randomly selected the Kryptonian font and made it red, even though it said System when I tested this.)

When you have your settings the way you want them, click okay to get out of settings, then click okay to get out of advanced options. Make sure that the output format is what you want it to be in, then hit START on the top of the right hand side of the window.

A new window will open, it'll run through all the files, and then indicate when it's done. Voila- a whole directory of watermarked images in 5 minutes.
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Resaving jpeg images will degrade the quality visibly. Even saving once, you'll be able to see the decrease in quality. Be sure to back up your images before you run them through any automated process that will resave them.

If you don't want to hurt the images quality you can edit the EXIF data for the images. These are text headers that get sent as part of the image. Trouble is they won't be visible to anyone viewing the image normally. But you could attach copyright and comments that would tag the file as being copyrighted by you.
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