Where can I find a new webcomic sufficiently interesting and political as Cobb once was?
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Where can I find a new webcomic in the same vein as Cobb?

I'd very much like to find a new webcomic. There are so doggone many out there that I'm having a hard time finding a good one to replace my old fave. I'd like to read a webcomic that:
-has at least a vaguely continuous story line
-references politics
-includes some social commentary
-is interesting to read
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Go back to Doonesbury?

Kidding aside, I cant think of a webcomic that specifically replaces the criteria you mentioned... unless you count Doonesbury, which is of course available online.

There are many many wonderful webcomics out there. Often they do reference current political trends, but not always.

If you're a big gaming geek, you might try PvP. Not really politics per se, but definately lots of current technology news and a very consistent narrative.

Stylistically, you might consider Achewood, too. Or perhaps Cat and Girl if you're feeling existential. Neither one have a consistent storyline however.
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While not strictly political commentary, you might appreciate Overcompensating - JRo usually knows what's going on in the world.

And as for continuous storyline with a bit of commentary thrown in (sometimes), check out Goats,
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In terms of politicization and art, it reminds me a lot of Get Your War On. No overarching storyline there, though.
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Have you tried Sore Thumbs? Ongoing storylines, distinctive* sense of humor, main characters include Bush-worshipping neo-con; genial, politically ignorant, What's-the-matter-with-Kansas-style-conservative war veteran; politically ignorant trendy liberal. Frequent callbacks to current events, including today's.
Also catch the podcast.

*In the "not-for-everyone" sense
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Before I saw that XQUZYPHYR was a Metafilter user, I knew him as August J. Pollack, Some Guy With a Website.
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Response by poster: thanks for the help, all
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