Shoes that people buy over and over.
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Looking for classic shoes. Sneakers: Converse. Penny loafers: Bass Weejuns. More, please.

My feet have changed sizes, so I need a new shoe wardrobe. I'm no longer a fan of shoe shopping. I'm wondering if a list of classic styles and the classics for that style (also sneakers: Keds, I suppose) wouldn't make short work of the hassle. I don't need to be terribly in style, just not terribly out of it, so...

But I keep coming up short. Even just brand names (boots: Frye?) would help.
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Boots: Doc Martins and Fluevogs.
Sneakers: Adidas Stan Smiths, Rod Lavers, Campus and ‘Shell Toes’. Puma Clyde. Vans slip-on
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I'm back to buying Tretorns, 25+ years after they appeared in the Preppy Handbook. They're ridiculously expensive now ($70 for canvas tennies seems a bit rich) but so comfortable and people stop and ask me about them quite often, so they are obviously fondly remembered.

Ballet flats.
Black slingback pumps.
Tod's driving mocs or a less-expensive look-alike.
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Doc Martens shoes aren't made in England anymore, and the quality just isn't the same. Avoid them.
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sperry topsiders
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Another idea for sneakers are Converse. As seen on Trinny Woodall in this picture.

Birkenstock Boston are a favorite of many. Not the most attractive shoe at first glance, but I've seen them look rather attractive with jeans and long pants.
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Nike Air Max 90....comfortable, classic, and will come in any color you can imagine. Even if you can't find the color you are looking for, you can always make your own at ($150 to make your own though...I'd stay away from the personalization).
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I buy converse high tops all the time online; they used to be hard to find but have made a nice comeback. LoriFLA's link works, but probably has more options. I used to buy from Journeys because they were a little cheaper, but they ignored my request to not send me junk mail (and probably sold my name, too), so I boycott them now.
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Boots? Vasque Sundowners Indiana Jones all the way.

Striped Adidas
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Avoid Dr Martins - ugly useless footwear. I love the adidas chile 62 trainer.
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Response by poster: (The Preppy Handbook list is pretty much my starting point; can't find my copy, but remember Pappagallos (now of dubious quality), the Tretorns (still have a pair bought c. 1988), Bernardo thongs, Top-Siders)
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Here's today's other shoe question. You might find the thread informative.

The general consensus: Shoes ain't what they used to be.
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No one's mentioned the awesome Kangaroos! (flash)
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OMG, Tretorns. Holy crap that takes me back.

They are hella comfy and I'd love to have another pair. Thanks for the flashback!
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Bass Bucks, although I'm not sure if anyone over the age of ten wears them.
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can never go wrong with a pair of docs and a pair of chucks.

although, in my experience, chucks arent really that great for walking, since they offer very little support. they are just comfortable and classic.
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Well, these go way back. We lived in these in highschool (mid-70s). I guess they're kinda ugly, but it's the most comfortable shoe you can imagine.

That classic enough for you?
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Vans Old Skools (and similar)
Clark's desert boots, and Wallabees
Blundstone boots
Dansko clogs
Combat boots

It's probably worth noting, especially in the light of the Chuck Taylor thread, that for every classic footwear style/design/manufacturer/whatnot, there is someone who says that they're not as nice as they used to be. And they're almost always right.
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Minnetonka moccasins - I would say that the Thunderbirds are the classic version.
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Timberland for boots. Lacoste Carnaby Retro for white sneakers. Can't go wrong.
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Seconding Timberland's classic boots. Their rugged boat shoe is also one of those shoes that people buy over and over again.

Also, some people seem to develop a lasting attachment to Chelsea boots. I don't like their 'sloany' image but live and let live.

From a less Anglophone orientation, the Spanish riding boot is a brilliant classic which my other half introduced me to.
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