Wine Vendors in the Land of Corn Huskers
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My girlfriend is in Lincoln, Nebraska on a business trip and is looking for a good wine shop to recommend a bottle or two of something interesting that she can't get back home in Montreal.

The selection of wine (both domestic and imported) in major US centres easily outstrips that of anywhere in Canada. The question is, what does a small town in Nebraska have to offer?

The g/f hasn't got much useful help from her Nebraskan branch coworkers, so I put the question to you, as to whether there is a good place to buy wine in Lincoln and where it would be? She aims to go shopping tomorrow while her fellow Montrealers hit up the outlet stores.
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Amusingly, the first hit for "wine near lincoln, ne" on Google maps is a drive-in liquor store. The third hit, "Cellar" on 6913 "O" St. looks like a possibility, though I wouldn't rule out whatever high-end market might be in town.

It really comes down to what you or she like. I was in Omaha (60 miles up the road from Lincoln) this summer, and found that a decent cross-section of what's available in many markets in California.
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She needs to go to the quaint Haymarket District in Lincoln.

Once there, she needs to visit the From Nebraska Gift Shop. I have not been to that particular store in a while, but their web site mentions that they have wine and wine tastings. Plus, they have other Nebraska gifts she may find interesting.

Plus, the Haymarket District is historic, fun, and very pedestrian-friendly. If she is open to trying some locally-brewed beer as well, Lazlo's is great and they sell it to go.

If that fails, the local Hy-Vee grocery stores sometimes carry a limited selection of local wine.
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The wineries in Nebraska are all fairly new. There are a handful of them though. Most of what I have tried has been kind of blah. There are some shops here that have great deals on California, Australian and South African wines.

She might want to hit up Kevin Meier Imports (3540 Village Dr) and ask the owner for advice. Meier's Cork and Bottle (1244 South St) is closer to downtown and has a great wine selection and helpful staff. Super Saver and Hyvee grocery stores always feature good deals on wine.
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Lincoln, Nebraska is a major U.S. centre?

Wine is heavy to schlep. When she gets back direct her to the second floor of the SAQ on Beaubien east of Saint-Hubert. Granted it may not have as much California wine as she might find in San Francisco, but she should find enough variety to keep herself amused.
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The only winery I thought was any good in the whole city was Meier's in the Near-South.
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Go to Meier's. They'll have a better selection of hard-to-find wines.

If she REALLY wants some local flavor, she could go to the local store in the Haymarket, but lower your expectations. Of the local varieties that I've tried, the best is probably Soaring Wings.
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What you're looking for is going to be the James Arthur Vineyards. Just a few miles out of Lincoln, it is Nebraska's largest vineyard, and you won't be able to find it anywhere else, really.
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Here's driving directions to the vineyard. Though I've never been, I hear that it's a pretty interesting place, and that the wine isn't bad. I've lived here my entire life and only recently realized that there was a vineyard just outside the city.
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Local wine is not what you want (trust me, I live here). Meier's Cork & Bottle in the near south is pretty good, as Civil_Disobedient mentions. Even better (though smaller) is Kevin Meier's, which is in Williamsburg Village. Kevin is excellent with recommendations. And then there's The Still, which is a bit out of town but has a bigger selection than either of the other two.
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nthing not getting the local swill. Growing grapes in Nebraska is a bit like putting a rear spoiler on a Yugo. Just because it can be done doesn't mean it should. The vines are too stressed to give a really decent crop year in and out. I know someone who has been trying for upwards of seven years now and every year it is either too hot/cold, wet/dry, late/early frost, etc. It's mostly a hobby and a tax write-off so she's okay with losing the money. The stuff that makes it to the bottle is pretty meh, even with the added local flavor.
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N Street Drive-Inn is NOT a drive in liquor store. It is a pretty decent wine shop, with a largish selection. I've found Meier's not so good (the one at 16th and South). They keep their store wayyyy too warm. Wines I've bought from them were not in good condition.

This may surprise you - HyVee grocery store at 66th and 0 Sts and at 48th and Leighton have terrific and beer wine selections.
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I should clarify - Kevin Meier's store in Williamsburg Village is very good. The Meier's at 16th and South is not in the same league.
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