Can anyone recommend a Flash class in NYC?
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Can anyone recommend a good beginner's Flash class in NYC?

I have been teaching myself flash, but no matter how auto-didactic I am, much of the program remains a mystery to me; and what I have managed to teach myself I am sure often breaks convention or good practices. This being the case, I would like to start from scratch and take a beginner's course.

Are there any good classes in NYC for Flash beginners? Unfortunately, I only have Flash 8 Pro at this time if that matters. I won't have CS3 until sometime next year.

My goals would be able to build nice websites with limited data entry...more artistic/portfolio based than gaming or animation.
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i haven't taken a flash course, but these guys are amazing. i did poke my head in on a few flash classes when the final cut classes i was taking stopped for a break and they seemed solid.

and i found out bout mefi thanks to one of my instructors there... thanks jeff if you read this :)
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I had the same problem with Flash. I took a class @ Noble Desktop. Twas very good.
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oh, also check out you can check out the first few videos in each series for free to see if its something that might benefit you, and their monthly subscription isn't that bad at all if you decide you like it. I've actually been watching the actionscript 3.0 and flex videos and i think they're great.
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i took a good intro course with noble desktop using cs3. the class covered the basics, simple animation, tweening, buttons, frame to frame navgation, etc., as well as spending a little time on drawing and painting techniques. i could build a simple website in flash by the end of the course. noble also offers an advanced course.
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Yeah, as Chris Pointed out (hummercash), I work for the above mentioned group (if you have questions prior to class, or after, about a concept in flash, feel free to email me, I'd forward to one of our flash instructors.)

The classes are 'Adobe' Authorized (and grumblebee used to work with us/teach flash). That's not to say that they're aren't other good choices in NYC; we're just one of them.
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Wherever you go, it's less about the place than the specific teacher. Having taught in several training centers, I would always ask to see a teacher's evals before handing over my credit card.

Having said that, I really enjoyed my time working for Future Media Concepts, it's run by good people, and many of their instructors are great. (Filmgeek is especially good. He's not based in NYC, but he travels here to teach quite often.)

For online learning, I swear by Some of their teachers are better than others, but that's fine, because once you've paid the monthly fee, you have a ton of choices.
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