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I need to move a domain name, and set up email hosting for 200 addresses, with minimal downtime.

I could do this through Dreamhost, but they're asking to have every single name entered in separately. Is there an email host that can set these up in bulk? I don't need web mail, just a new POP3 address.
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How about setting up Google apps for your domain?
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In the control panel for dreamhost, there's a link to "bulk edit email addresses".
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It's really not that difficult to do this Dreamhost's way -- "firstname, lastname, e-mailaddress, password, passwordagain, save" X 200 is only going to take two or three hours.

In the high-stakes game of choosing an Internet host, I think you want to be more concerned about uptime, backups, bandwith, storage, and so on -- that is, about variables with significant potential to ruin more than one afternoon for you.
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In the control panel for dreamhost, there's a link to "bulk edit email addresses" ... actually I'm fairly sure that is to bulk edit forwarding-only email addresses. sad to say.

you could ask dreamhost tech support if it's possible to send them a list of the addresses and have them do it for you. unlikely to be free, but could be inexpensive and worth asking.
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Seconding asking Dreamhost tech support to do this for you. Ask nicely and be very very specific in what you want done, and pre-format your input file for them in some extremely consistent manner.

When I joined Dreamhost 3 years ago, a tech stayed on the phone with me for almost two hours helping me move stuff. He even wrote some custom code for me to migrate my existing squirrelmail settings.
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