Help me find this shoe!
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nikeshoefilter: Where can I find this exact style and color of nike shoes? PLEASE help me find it!!! If you got skillzzz show me where!

I already have one pair but love them so much, I want a new pair. My wife bought them for me at a nike outlet in Orlando, Florida, and I live in Chicago. I've searched the nike store downtown chicago and the nike outlet outside of chicago all to no avail. If you can find them online I would be your best friend.


They are not "air force ones". They are size 9. They have hot pink ski silhouettes on the inside of the shoe. They may be "nike dunk low" but I'm not exactly sure. On the inside of the shoe is the following:

UPC: 00823229594569

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I'm having trouble posting the image of the shoe. Here it is:

The Shoes
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Best answer: Have you tried Googling nike 313940-001? The first result,, sells them for $79.99.
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Yes, it seems that seymour skinner has it. They seem to be the Nike Court Force Low Premium Nordic Edition.
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I think I've seen something similar in the window of Urban Outfitters on state street. I could be wrong though.
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Response by poster: Thanks so much. I tried looking a while back and must have entered something wrong when trying to google-foo it.

metafilter rocks.
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The 6 digit number refers to the type of shoe, in this case a Court Force Low Premium, whereas the 3 digit number refers to the colorway. The label inside each Nike shoe gives more interesting information, including the date of manufacture, and the unique code of the factory where they were made. That way you can tell which nationality of Asian orphans stitched them for you.
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