Free (or cheap) Hosting Services (including email)
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I am looking for a free hosting service as a mirror for my site. It should also have reliable email (pop and smtp access). Any suggestions?
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Barron Hosting
I use them for my site you can get a plan for $25/year
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I use DreamHost and love them. The overall opinion of DH is more polarised than the old Apple vs PC debates. They had issues a bit over a year ago with some real instability on about a third (a guess) of their servers. All lot of people were bent out of shape and carry a chip. I never had any outage over an hour here or there. Guess I was lucky.

Their current big promotion is their "birthday" promotion, that lets you pre-pay the first year of service for something like $9.30. 500GB of disk space, 5 TB/mo of bandwidth. You have to use the coupon code in their popup.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the responses. I will check them all out.
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Did you check I recently did so I'll save you a little time. Most of the sites there that offer e-mail as part of their hosting packages require you to be an active forum poster.

Come to think of it, this should be easy pickins for most MeFi members.
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