What's the best stout?
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I'd like to try some new beers. What's your favorite stout?

I'm not a big fan of most other beers, but I like stout. In particular, I like Murphy's over Guinness, and another I really like is Sheaf Stout.

Any recommendations? Extra points for things you can find in the average well-stocked liquor store, extra-extra points if it's less than $3 a bottle.
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Best answer: Rogue's Shakespeare Stout.
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Best answer: Samuel Smiths Oatmeal Stout. Might require some searching.
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Bell's has some fabulous ones--their Double Cream Stout is one of my all-time favorites (though only available Nov.-Mar.), and their Kalamazoo Stout is awfully good too. I'm also partial to Young's Double Chocolate Stout, which is getting easier to find these days.
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Young's Double Chocolate Stout and Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout are double plus good.

If you like stouts, you might try branching into porters as well, which are similar. Both Anchor and Boulevard make daaamn tasty porters.
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I am a HUGE fan of the Cooper's stout. Also, although not a stout, it's a WONDERFUL dark ale, I highly recommend the Hobgolin Ale from the Wychwood brewery. It looks like Wychwood has a stout, but alas, I have never had the chance to try it.
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I'll nth Sam Smith Oatmeal Stout. And if you do venture into porters, I like Anchor Porter and Highland Oatmeal Porter.
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Doubling Sam Smiths Oatmeal Stout. A lovely beverage.
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Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout is excellent. Plus, it's economical, as once you've drunk a bottle of it you won't need to eat anything for a day or two.
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I like North Coast's Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout, Victory's Storm King stout, all of Rogue's stouts (chocolate, imperial, and Shakespeare), and Deschutes' Obsidian Stout.

None of these are as sweet as Sheaf (except the Rogue chocolate), and tend to be maltier than Murphy's, but they're all good.

If you want to exceed your $3/bottle limit by $9 or so, Dogfish Head's Worldwide stout is well worth trying. Be careful, though, because it's almost 20% abv.
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I love the Sam Smith oatmeal stout. It is ever so delicious. Ipswich Ale Oatmeal Stout is also tasty -- I see it at every liquor store around here, even the teeny ones, tho. perhaps it is a New England thing?
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I should add that I've had a Young's Double Chocolate Ice Cream Float, and may I say YUM.
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You know, Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout is pretty good.
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Not that I need to bother, but Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout is quite tasty ;-)

But I actually prefer Samuel Smith's Imperial Stout. I'm a sucker for good Imperial Stouts, and their's is among my favorites. Give it a try - Sammy Smith's sells a sampler pack that has 4 unique pints, 4 pint glasses, and coasters. It's a good deal, and you can usually find it around the holidays.

For a real kick, try some Java Stouts, like Southern Tier Imperial Jah-va stout. It's 12% ABV and only comes in 22oz bottles (AFAIK), save the rare draft version. It's thick like motor oil, delicious on so many levels, and will knock you on your tail if you're not careful :)
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If you do branch into porters, my ol' standby is Black Butte Porter (go Deschutes!). If you are anywhere near a McMenamin's you should try their Terminator and Black Rabbit stouts (on nitro, if possible). If you're working your way into stouts, try the Terminator/Ruby--Rubinator. DELICIOUS (I think it's better than either of the components on its own).
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Victory's Storm King owns me. Give it a try.
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Not a stout, I think it's actually closer to a schwarzbier, but very tasty anyhow..Death and Taxes.

(Also that site generally has really *thorough* beer reviews. Might find other useful things there!)
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If you can find it, I like Moat Mountain Square Tail Stout, it's creamy with hints of chocolate and coffee. Not unlike the aforementioned Rouge Shakespeare Stout. I don't know how widely available it is outside of New Hampshire, though.
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Highland Mocha Stout is my A-Number 1 favorite for cold winter evenings.
(their Oatmeal porter is very nice too, if you want something a touch lighter)

Duck Rabbit Milk Stout is also very good.

Yes, I happen to enjoy going to NC to drink craft beer, why do you ask?
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Brooklyn Black might be my favorite. I'm also a fan of Old Rasputin, and the Rogue and Victory stouts previously mentioned are quite good.
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Stir Stick Stout by Half Pints Brewing Co.

Unfortunately, as far as I know, it is only sold in Manitoba.
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Oh, and also, even though it's not a stout, you should definitely try the Stone Smoked Porter that Greg Nog mentioned. It's very, very good.
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Best answer: There are so many good stouts, it's impossible to pick one favorite. If you like Murphy's, you might also like Beamish Irish Stout. Others have mentioned Sam Smith's Oatmeal, but they also make an Imperial Stout that's quite good, if you want something stronger. I'll also add to the choir of people suggesting anything by Rogue or Stone Brewing. Some others you might want to try:
Avery Out of Bounds Stout - a decent dry stout
Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout - like a glass of chocolate cake
Lefthand Milk Stout - odd taste, like malted milk
Old Dominion Oak Barrel Stout - nice vanilla flavor, incredibly smooth
Thirsty Dog Siberian Nights - a Russian Imperial stout, strong, dark, and rich

As other said, you might also want to explore the world of porters. But that's a whole different list.
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If you can get hold of it, Dark Star Espresso Stout from Sussex.
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More votes for Young's Double Chocolate and Sam Smith's Oatmeal.
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St. Peter's Cream Stout is another of my favorites.
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I like Old Rasputin and Heavy Seas’ Peg Leg. Terrapin’s Wake and Bake is also good, as is the Brooklyn Black. My favourite, though, is my own personal recipe, which I call “Joshua Norton Double Imperial Stout.”
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No idea if it is distributed anywhere near where you are, but st.ambroise oatmeal stout is among the best stouts I've had. Also I'll nth St.Peter's Cream Stout.
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If you're in the mood for rich, chocolatey goodness, I recommend the Tatonka Stout at BJ's. That's assuming they have them where you live, of course.
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Moylan's Imperial Stout is wonderful. It's a heady 10% ABV brew, but it is smooth and richly complex.

Unlike other imperial stouts (Rasputin's comes to mind), it doesn't taste like someone's sunk a shot of Wild Turkey in your pint.
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Old Rasputin has my vote. Words that come to mind: woodsmoke, espresso intensity, 90% Lindt chocolate bar. It's definitely way, way over the top and I love it.
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Seconding the St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout. It's like molasses, chocolate, coffee, wintry deliciousness.
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The Devout Stout from Santa Cruz mountain brewing. I believe whole foods carries them now, and some other bay area markets
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I'm not sure if you can get where you are, but Wolaver's Organic Stout hits all the right buttons for me, and I'm very picky about stouts. Unlike the imperial stouts, it's light enough to have more than one, yet it has the requisite sweetness to balance out the bitterness and acidity of the roasted malts that make stouts dark. (Can you tell I'm not a fan of dry Irish stouts, like some famous ones I won't mention?).

I also strongly recommend Bell's stouts. Any stout they make is excellent, and they're the main reason I'm upset that I had to leave the Upper Midwest. Think I'll go console myself with a Victory Storm King Stout.
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Hofbrau Dunkel.

Not technically a stout.. just a very dark beer. But goes down very well :)
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"Rogue's Shakespeare Stout." wow ludwig_van, you love stealing my beer glory huh? Anyway, it's a nicely complex but classic stout.
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Seconding Cooper's! Enthusiastically! It's what first made me realize I like stouts more than other types of beer.
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Mackeson Stout is really good. It's a British recipe, but according to wikipedia, it's actually brewed here in the States now.
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Many good recommendations here but I am not sure if all of them get distributed to NM. I am betting that at least some of the California stouts do like Sierra Nevada which is a fine example of the style. You might also keep an eye open for Anderson Valley's Oatmeal Stout. Or Mendocino County's Black hawk, the aforementioned Rasputin.

All said, Rogue's Shakespeare Stout is the best there is. This is not opinion, this is fact. :D
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Oh wow. The dark beer enthusiast subsection of metafilter. I have found my home. I never want to leave.
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Coopers all the way for me; but then I would say that, I'm from Adelaide.
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Nth-ing Rogue.
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Bell's Double Cream Stout will convince you of flavors of bitter that you never even thought possible. It is truly a delightful, heavenly, transcendent substance.
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Best answer: Also one that hasn't been mentioned but is easier to acquire than some that have, Sierra Nevada's stout is a nice nutty brew that is pleasant and accomodating.

Also, you mentioned preferring Murphy's to Guiness, which is a decision I entirely respect (although respectfully disagree with), but have you tried the Guiness Extra Stout? It's the stuff that doesn't come with a widget in the bottle. Quite a bit different than their other bottled/canned attempts to bottle the deliciousness of something that can only be truly enjoyed on tap, from someone who knows how to pour it.
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Seconding McMenamin's.

Y'know, they make a milkshake with that stout? Un-freaking-believeably good.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the answers. Some of these I've already tried: I do indeed like Beamish (had forgotten the name of that one) and the Double Cream/Chocolate stouts, but I wasn't impressed with St. Peter's Cream Stout. Looks to me like I'll have to try Sam Smith's Oatmeal and Rogue's Shakespeare Stout next!

baphomet -- I formed my opinions on the relative merits of Guinness and Murphy's on a trip from Dublin to Cork, so it's not based on the bottled versions. :) That said, I do like Guinness a hell of a lot, just not quite as much as Murphy's and Beamish. The latter have a smoother aftertaste, somehow.
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Forget Coopers - the best Australian-brewed stout is Southwark Old Stout.
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Response by poster: Follow-up: I tried both the Sam Smith's Oatmeal and the Shakespeare Stout. I like the latter a lot more than the former, but neither is what I was looking for. They both seem too smooth/mild to me -- I'm looking for a stout with more bite to it.

At any rate, I will try some of the other suggestions, and there's always good ol' Sheaf and Murphy's!
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