Need help pricing an antique table
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Need help pricing an antique table

We have what is apparently a table made in about 1930 and possibly from the 1928 Montgomery Ward catalog. See the following for photos and info:

We want to sell it (just no room for it), but don't know what a fair price is.

Can anyone help, with either more info, e.g. where to find a 1928 MW catalog, or how to price the table?
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There was a 1930 catalog on Ebay recently. Try contacting the winning bidder.
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First of all, it depends on your location.
For example, the same piece of furniture could be worth 2 or 3 times more in Manhattan than in Montreal, and 2 or 3 times more in Montreal than in a roadside antiques shop.

To have a fair assessment in your area, I would bring (or email) the pictures to a local antique dealer and ask his buying price. The retail price in your area should be between x2 and x3.
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