Photoshop 7: Exporting a path as a vector graphic
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Is it possible to export a path (or shape) from Photoshop 7 as a vector graphic? Or do I have to rasterize the path, open the file in Illustrator, and then autotrace the shape? (Please tell me the former is possible)

Oh, never mind, my damn computer just crashed and I lost an hour's work.
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Well if you are still interested, you can export paths from Photoshop. Go to File->Export->Paths to Illustrator...

You can also go to your paths palette and copy your path and paste it into Illustrator.

Even further you can make paths from selections using the "Make Clip Path (selection)" action from your Default Actions, which should be loaded by default. To preserve the details in your artwork, you will need to adjust the tolerance to 1.0. This process functions similarly to Adobe's old program Streamline, producing one-color vector artwork.
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Shouldn't you be able to open the psd in illustrator and work with it from there, too?
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Response by poster: Wow, thanks. I almost never work with vector formats, for anything but the most basic tasks. Still, I should've figured this out for myself. *smacks forehead*

Thanks all!
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For the love of God, Grod, save!
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