Where to find pink stoneware bowls?
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Where can I find a good set of pink stoneware (mixing) bowls?

well -- i'm a little embarassed to ask this. my wife asked for some pink stoneware bowls (specifically latte bowls from williams-sonoma) for our anniversary, and i decided to wait a bit to order them so that they would arrive closer to the actual date. unfortunately, these bowls were discontinued in the meantime, and no store stocks them any longer.

i've struggled to find suitable replacements, and was wondering if anyone has such bowls or knows of such bowls for sale? it's a very specific dilemma, i know. what i have found so far (abode bowls from amazon was the closest match) hasn't been what she was looking for.

in retrospect, i should have ordered the bowls earlier. i realize this. my wife knows i'm asking about this, as she knows about my searches, and on some level, i'm pretty sure she's bopping my head with a small, rubber mallet. if you have any direction to offer regarding the bowls, it would be much appreciated. thanks!
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Soooo... I Googled "pink stoneware mixing bowls." http://frugalkitchen.org/2006/10/05/pink-stoneware-mixing-bowls-698/
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Damn it, hit post too soon. linkified previous link. Why doesn't she like the Amazon bowls? They look almost identical.
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NextTag has a ton of them in all shades of pink. I really like these, too. Result #2 in a simple Google search.
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Have you tried Replacements? I know they have serving dishes, you might luck out with these there.
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Antique Obsession?
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Sorry, last post. Another one at Cooking.com
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Search eBay on the term "pyrex nesting bowls". You'll find some very lovely equivalents.
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(I liked the bowls Indigo Rain linked - following the link to the seller showed them to be sold out.)
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Just wanted to add that Pyrex bowls are really collectors' items right now and I suppose there's a decent chance that they will be valuable down the road, probably unlike Williams Sonoma et al. Assuming they don't get all chipped. Personally I think they are gorgeous and classic and would definitely choose them, assuming she wants mixing bowls and not "latte bowls," whatever that is supposed to mean, and pyrex, not stoneware.
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Anthropologie seems to have very similar latte bowls in a set of six, but they're porcelain not stoneware.
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I know they're not the exact same style, but Fiestaware
is very classic, and tend to become collector's items as well. They're very much in the Pottery Barn/Williams-Sonoma aesthetic. (There are a bunch of discontinued colors and styles on ebay and collector's sites too, if she wants a different shade or style of bowl.)

Also, maybe you could ask your wife what she liked about the Williams-Sonoma bowls that she doesn't like about the ones you found on Amazon, and go from there? I agree with IndigoRain that they look almost identical.
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(argh, I meant to link here, to an actual mixing bowl.)
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In regards to AV's mention of Fiestaware...the only reason Fiesta has become a collector's item is because the certain colors of the original versions had lead in them and were discontinued! The ones made since 1986 are lead free. Not that I don't like Fiesta (they're nice dishes, my mom has them), just wanted to be clear.
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It looks like you've got a lot of options posted above, but you might also consider Sur La Table (just another high-end kitchen-y store). Ultimately, though, for us to be helpful, I think we'll have to know why the Amazon bowls won't work (too cheap? wrong style? wrong size? wrong material?). Good luck!
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Response by poster: thank you all for your responses -- you've been a great help.

(as an aside to indigorain: i feel i should say that google was indeed consulted prior to posting this question, as the tone of your first comment gave me the impression that you were not so convinced...)
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Moz, it's fine, I just thought you may not have googled "pink stoneware mixing bowls" exactly. Perhaps you just looked for stoneware bowls or whatever and couldn't find pink. Even when I Googled, I got that one result, which ended up being sold out. :) No big deal either way.
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