And she did hold the torch upon high saying...
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Help me find a Victorian style line art image that I simply cannot find!

I'm looking for something specific in a piece of artwork, but I have no idea what to Google.

I need an image in a Victorian line art style of a hand/forearm holding a candle or torch upon high, as if lighting the way through the dark. I'm trying to make Save the Dates in a "I will follow you into the dark" theme, and I have a specific image in mind but cannot find it.

Specifically, I'm looking for images like those used by Married to the Sea in their older comics.

Help me if you can.
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Response by poster: Let me include a few examples.

Many of these links are not so SFW!

I like the style of the hands in the following images.

I like this whole Lighting-the-way-through-the-darrk style.

Also, look at the Married to the Sea archives. (Not for August or September '07. They changed the style of artwork used for the comics after this point.)
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I'm not clear on this - do you want images of only a hand holding a torch/candle, or a whole person/scene in which someone is holding a torch/candle? Here are a couple of hands only I found.
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Response by poster: It could be just the hand/arm holding the torch, or an entire body. I plan to crop everything past the elbow either way.
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This drawing of a hand holding a lamp comes from Horning, Clarence P. Handbook of Early Advertising Art, third edition. Mineola: Dover, 1956.

No good torches or candles there, sorry.
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Here's one.
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Or This
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Can't you use photoshop to combine the images you want? It seems as if there are a ton of hand images that can be found and a ton of candle images to be found. It should be a 2-minute job to combine the two.
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