Soup-themed knitting
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Knitting projects with a soup theme?

I'd like to knit something for a charity arts/crafts auction which will support the Empty Bowls project. The item should have a soup or bowl theme, although plays on either word would be fine. Any ideas?
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You could knit and felt some bowls. I think there was a pattern in One Skein but I don't have a copy in front of me to check.
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Bowling ball bag purse?
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A scarf with pretty vegetables and other soup ingredients along the length, or just tasteful little pictures along an end. If you pick good colors, this could be very beautiful and also useful. I want one just imagining it!
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Knit a bowl and spoon cozy/pouch/bag for picnics! You don't want your nice hand-made ceramic bowls shattering when they're in there knocking against your tasty bottle of pinot noir and chipping.

[Maybe it's crazy to bring soup on a picnic, but I certainly don't think so. Also I like pouches.]
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A soup tureen cozy?
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knitted potholders with soup themed patterns? (bowls, veggies as amtho mentioned above, or even the names of soups spelled out?)
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Well, you could actually knit some bowls. This pattern makes knit and felted small bowls.
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A felted bowl was the first thing I thought of as well. Maybe you could do it in a light color, and needle felt soup remnants on the bottom of the bowl, or something about the Empty Bowls project.
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