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MSWordFilter: Overriding "default" pageview options.

My default view for Word (on a Mac) are Page Layout, zoomed to page width. Is there any setting I can use to make sure that whenever I open a Word file that is sent to me, it comes up in that view instead of whatever they used?
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Individual documents remember their last view settings when saved, and as far as I know there's no way to override them.
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Response by poster: Damn you, Microsoft!
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Perhaps an Applescript?
(I have no personal experience with this -- my new Mac is en route but has not yet arrived.)

Step 1: Make an applescript that zooms the current document to fit the page width.
(see Word 2004 AppleScript Reference, and perhaps the MS Word help file?)
(pg 210-211)
Class: zoom
Plural zooms
Contains magnification options (for example, the zoom percentage) for a window or pane. To return a single zoom object for a window, use the zoom property of the view object. The following example sets the zoom percentage for the active window to 110 percent.
set percentage of zoom of view of active window to 110

To return a single zoom object for a pane, use the get zoom command. The following example sets the page layout magnification for the active window so that an entire page is visible.
set page fit of (get zoom active pane of active window zoom type page view) to page fit full page
Step 2: run this applescript on document open
(I got nothin' for you on this step...)
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