Has my garlic gone bad?
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Quick! I need some advice. My purple-stripe garlic has the normal white cloves under the, uh, papery-skin, but when I cut into the cloves near the place where they sprout, the inside is fluorescent green, in a halftone-like pattern. I've never seen before in purple-striped garlic (or any other garlic) -- although, this is only my second try with purple-striped garlic. Has the garlic gone bad? Or is it just a lot of sprouts?
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Response by poster: I should mention that the flourescent green disappears quickly as you move down the clove.
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The garlic is old and has started to 'sprout'. The green part (a/k/a the "germ") is pretty bitter but it won't kill you. Either cut around it, or toss the entire head of garlic and buy yourself some new stuff.
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Response by poster: But I've seen sprouted garlic before -- that's just one green chunk in the middle. This is like a grid of green that goes deep into the clove. It's very weird.
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I'd love to see a picture of this!
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yup, this thread is useless without pics. Sorry, I initially thought sprouted as well, but grid pattern doesn't jive with that.
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I've seen this, no worry it is (I think) like a sprout coming up through the garlic. I have noticed that it is a little less "strong" more, "green" tasting, but still good.
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Response by poster: I'll see if I have any garlic left from that bulb, and I'll try to post a picture. It turned out to be affected every clove from that bulb.
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Response by poster: Ugh. To be affecting.
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