NTFS hard drive keeps switching to RAW.
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Why does my hard drive keep losing it's file system and switching from NTFS to RAW?

This has happened several times in the past two weeks. I was able to restore all the lost data using a program called GetDataBack for NTFS and have copied everything to two other hard drives, so everything is safe for now. I am now able to run a quick format on the drive each time this happens and copy all the data back over.

So why does this keep happening? Could it be:

1) A recently added DVD drive on the same cable as the troubled hard drive? Neither is using a jumper pin and they both have been apparently working fine together.
2) My new iPod causing confusion?
3) The hard drive itself failing?

I have run error-checking on the drive, but I don't get any kind of log, so I assume no problems were found. I'm not getting any of the other telltale signs of a drive on the verge of death either.

It just seems to be that the file system is getting corrupted on the occasional reboot, but all other data is left intact just waiting to be restored. I hate to buy a new hard drive only to find out that something else was the problem.

Any ideas? Thanks.
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It could be that your partition table keeps being corrupted. Why I don't know off-hand.

What type of error checking did you perform? Was it the one built into Windows? I would highly recommend you perform a SMART check, either with the hard disk manufacturer's boot disk or a similar utility.
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I've had problems with Ipods being connected during startup, and causing all sorts of goofy boot-related things to happen, maybe try disconnecting your Ipod while starting up?

Alternatively, can you either put the drive on another channel without the DVD player on it? Or maybe try another known-good drive cable?
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