It is firm. We must break its spirit.
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How can we make a futon mattress stay folded?

My girlfriend just bought a really nice futon frame and mattress. It's firm and comfortable and wonderful. The only problem is that the futon doesn't like to fold into couch mode. If we press it down and sit on it, it's comfortable, but when we stand up, it'll pop back out.

How can we break its spirit?
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TYwo words: sew velcro
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truck tie-downs.
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Have you tried refolding it in a different configuration? I had a futon that wouldn't tolerate the initial business-letter triple-fold (two ends folded in on the center, like you might fold a piece of paper to put in an envelope, but with one standing up as the back cushion; or, if that doesn't make sense, like a U with one side folded down against the bottom.)

But I changed it to a Z-shaped fold, with the lower half of the Z compressed together, and thus I bent that futon to my will. Now it cowers on its frame, glad to do my bidding.

Of course, a newer futon pad will be more sproiiiiingy and recalcitrant than one you've sat on a hundred times. Plant yourself, mister (or miz) and prepare for some sittin' duty.

Some bedding companies sell "futon" mattresses not designed for folding. The small-town makers of my cushy bed gasped palely in horror when I talked about folding it for a sofa. "No! It's for sleeping! If you fold it, it will deform!"
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