Need to find Mac-heads in Texas
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[Looking for an gig-filter] I'll be in Texas in May 2008, and I'd like to some freelance-writing for an Swedish computer magazine. I'm hoping to dig up some companies or individuals who rely on Macs.

One good exampel is the texan game company Aspyr, that has it's roots in the Mac-world.

I'm putting the question to the mefites in hope of getting direct connection with some more Mac-centered businesses for some articles in the vain of "state of Mac in Texas".

Short details of me: I've been writing for an swedish Mac-magazine for six odd years. And now I'm hoping to extend the travel-money with some freelance-articles.

(Email in profile if you'd like to communicate in private.)
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Best answer: Apple has an office in Austin. I've heard that's where a lot of support and development for iTunes comes from. There are also many other game developers in Austin.
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Best answer: HD for indies - a blog about HD production is based in texas. Mike Curtis, the guy who runs it, is very nice and approachable.
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