scottishish reading for grumpy woman at baby's naming ceremony
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can you suggest a scottish-ish poem for my gorgie daughter's naming ceremony?

my scottish and now ex friend (i'm joking... probably) has just pulled out the last minute ....of reading a scottish poem for my part scottish daughter's very eclectic naming ceremony. she gave all sorts of ridiculous reasons, some being that robbie burns is unreadable. but jo-an is a brilliant public speaker with a mellifluous voice....grrr.

i had chosen "bonnie wee thing".

now i'm considering having a non-scottish born person read something scottish-ish.

do any of you have any suggestions? i'm starting to begrudgingly agree that some burns is difficult... it has to be shortish...... funny is cool too.

(bonus points for tips on graciously dealing with jo-an's 11th hour withdrawl... i thought it was an honour to be asked... and she's made out it was me imposing upon her....she's my daughter's kind of adopted grandmother.... or so she has called herself)

sorry to sound like a budgerigar with a galah up its bum... i'm a bit cross. and i know i have no right to be. i just wish she'd said no originally, or at the very least a LONG time ago....

any and all suggestions welcome.... i have to re-finalise the ceremony today...

thanks possums.
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This site has TONS of Scottish poems as well as traditional songs. Best of luck!
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There's actually a book specifically for this , Handsel: Scottish Poems for Welcoming and Naming Babies edited by Lizzie MacGregor. There are copies on - but if you're in Australia and in a hurry they might not reach you in time
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ah missed the 'today' bit, sorry!
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sorry about the slow feedback.
thank you flitcraft.
the time thing was a bugger.... but that book was absolutley bloody perfect.... if i'd been able to get it in time.
again, thanks.
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