Say What, Young MacGuffin?
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In the movie Brave, the character Young MacGuffin spoke the Doric dialect. Does anybody know what he was actually saying?
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Can you post an example?
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actor Kevin McKidd says, "McKidd: They asked, what kind of accent should they do? They suggested nonsense Scottish words, but I said I could do that, but [I’d rather do] a dialogue from my hometown Doric, my grandfather used to speak, a lot of people still speak it, and it’s hard to understand it. They were blown away – are you making that up or making a real dialect? Pixar is so thorough so they like the idea of a real dialect."
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Lord Macintosh: At least we have hair!
Lord MacGuffin: And all of our teeth!
Young MacGuffin: If he was a wee bit closer, I could lob a caber at him, ye ken.
Lord Macintosh: And we don't hide under bridges, you grumpy old troll!
Lord Dingwall: You want a laugh, eh?
Lord Dingwall: [turns to son]
Lord Dingwall: Wee Dingwall!
Young Dingwall: [Attacks Lord Macintosh]


All of this strongly implies that, yes, Kevin McKidd understands exactly what the character is saying and in addition the dialog has been transcribed. So, the straight answer to your question, "Does anybody know what he was actually saying?" is clearly yes.
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Visitors to Scotland are often surprised to learn that not all Scottish regional accents and dialects are easily comprehensible even amongst Scots. Doric is widely regarded as the hardest one to make out - so it is an apt choice on the part of Pixar. Here is a brief guide.
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That his last name is MacGuffin suggests that it won't be important what he says. A MacGuffin's content is never as important as its existence alone.
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Response by poster: Maybe I should rephrase. What exactly is Young MacGuffin saying? (Thanks for the IMDB link, mwhybark, holding my breath for the rest!)
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Brave isn't on general release in Scotland until next week, so most Doric speakers won't have seen it yet. Sounds like the character's comprehensible enough for those who have, though, so this will probably be an easier question to answer then.
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I'm a native Doric speaker, and I speak the exact same variant as Kevin McKidd (we're from the same town), but I haven't seen Brave yet as it's not out here.

If you could post some lines he says (or link me to a video where he speaks), I can provide a translation.

In the line provided by mwhybark above ("If he was a wee bit closer, I could lob a caber at him, ye ken."); here's what he said, although I'm not sure you need that translated as it's mostly English:
"If he was a little bit closer, I could throw a log/tree trunk at him, you know."
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I just saw this recently and love that some proper north east doric is included.

After the speech that Merrida gives the gathering this is the line which MacGuffin says

"It's jist nae fair makin us ficht for the hand o the quine that disnae want any bit o it. Ken?"

Which basically translates as " It's just not fair making us fight for the hand of a girl who doesn't want anything to do with it. You know?"

Quine is one of my favourite Doric words, after Foggy Bummer which is Doric for bumblebee!
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