Teach me to walk!
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OddFilter: How do you walk in flip-flops without them flying off your feet?

I never did it as a child and now I look like a psycho whose sandals keep flying off his feet as he walks.
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You hold the shoes on with you toes. As you lift your foot, press down with your toes.
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when you lift your foot up curl your big toe to hold the flip-flop on. the trick is to keep it curled even as you put your foot back on, if you let go too soon it flies off, too late and you hit the ground with that akward posture.
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d'oh, back down
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This is one of the reasons why, despite their current popularity, flip flops can be so horribly bad for your feet.
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You don't, as flip flops should not be worn outside of gym/communal showers, the beach, or the pool area is my vote. But then some think I am an elitest snob.

The physical way to do it depends on how yours are flying off -flipping up from the back too hard? Toe area problems? You are doing too much heel or toe. Depends which way you are flopping. Or flipping, as the case may be.
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Very bad for your feet. Podiatrists everywhere cringe.

I'd say your feet are rebelling and don't really want you to walk that way.
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Not all flip-flops are created equal. Find a pair with a wider toe-bridge thing. Took me a while. I have skinny ape-toes.
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Maybe start out with a pair of Dr. Scholl's sandals. They have a built-in toe grip.
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As you take a step you want to snap the back of the flip-flop up against your heel. Practice snapping it up so you can hear the sound and you'll know what to do when you walk.
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My husband can't wear sandals with no strap around the back of the ankle, and maybe you can't, either. Don't worry about it. I agree with kellyblah on this--wear nice sandals instead of flip-flops. Otherwise, it's all about the big toe and the second toe digging in and curling down together to hold the flip-flop in place.
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Just get good flip-flops and walk normally.
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My recent flip flop thread turned me on to Rainbow sandals. I experimented with some of the recommended Havaianas, but found that when the straps were as loose as those, you had to do the toe-curling stuff people in this thread talk about. My best advice is to spend a little more on flip-flops that fit properly, with a good arch and snug, wide straps. I'm able to recreate the feel of barefoot walking (without toe curling) a lot easier in the Rainbows than any previous pair of cheap flops.
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Some flip-flops, Tevas and..Ch...Chacos in particular, have the side connections MUCH closer to the back of the foot than cheaper, Target brand sandals.

So, the top straps looks much more like an Inverted V than a horizontal line across the toes. The further back that strap, the better they stay on your feet and the better they ARE for your feet. Some of them connect as far back as the middle of the arch, pretty cool really.
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Yep, get WIDER toe straps that go farther back towards the heel just as Tom says. I wear Tevas religiously (mmmmm Teeeeeeeeeeeva) and I don't have to do the toe curl (which fucking hurts) except when going up or down stairs.

I have really bad plantar fascitis and tibial tendonitis, and wear Tevas around the house because I have to have a little support and can't stand shoes all the time. They're great, and don't leave my feetsies sore.

And I admit, sometimes I give in and wear them out and about and my feet aren't screaming then, either.
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I don't own any, but some flip flops by Teva or Nike have a neoprene strap that fits pretty snugly on the foot, meaning it stays in place when you step
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There is a great variance in quality and design of flip-flops (I prefer to call them 'zori', but I guess I'm a dork for doing so). I have a pair of Columbia hiking-style flops (you laugh, but it's true) that are padded, have good traction, and provide arch support that is phenominal.

For the garden-variety poolside flip-flop though, you're gonna have to develop your technique. The most effective thing is to try to pinch the toe-strap between your big- and index-(?) toes. Rather than pushing down, try to squeeze the strap between them like you're smooshing a grape. Your toes will get tired, but eventually you'll get used to it and you'll forget you're doing anything unusual with your feet at all.

Also, when I buy a new pair of flops I try to run around in them for a second or two, just to make sure they fit my feet alright. Maybe you need a new, better pair of flops.

Oh, and to all the flip-flop haters out there; Flops are just fine down here in Florida, even in semi-dress clothes (horrors!). When I lived on Guam it was the same story (climate dictating dress and all).
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As others have said, not all flip flops are created equal. I don't ever remember having to learn anything special to keep them on, so I'd try several kinds/style until you find one that fits.

But then again, when you live in a place where heat indexes during the summer reach 110 easily, you basically wear them from birth and tell the snobs to go to hell. As long as you're not wearing them with a suit feel free to ignore them.
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