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I need to find a Phone Number Bank-type service that works for Houston, TX phone numbers.

I've got a 281 (Verizon) number that I absolutely cannot lose (business). Apparently, our long-distance PRI carrier cannot port in a local number,...only the toll free one.

I've checked out Phone Number Bank (https://www.phonenumberbank.com/), but, they cannot service our area (apparently, they are limited to East Coast numbers.

Anyone out there have any ideas short of getting on Vonage and doing a call forward?
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I can't figure out exactly what you need done, but Grand Central can forward calls to one number (that you choose) to as many numbers as you want.

Email me if you would like an invite to test it out
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Response by poster: I've got an existing number that I want to forward to other numbers. Grand Central does not allow this.

So it will be:

(281) xxx-xxxx -> random current number
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If it is only one number that you are forwarding your calls to, you can use *72 and automatically get calls forwarded to the new one.
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