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Does anyone have any creative ideas for jewelry/accessories display?

I have a large amount of jewelry and other accessories (hair bands, pin-back buttons, etc) that I'd like to keep out, not boxed away. What are some creative storage and display ideas?
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There's a store in Chelsea that sells jewely, and they have a large branch with lots of twiggy parts in their front window with various necklaces, earrings and bracelets hanging on it. It's very pretty, and practical. You would just need to find something to fit your space.
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Do you have space for a mannequin in your home? I once sublet an apartment with a decked-out mannequin in the living room, and I think it's a great way to show off a button collection. You can layer the arms with hair bands, too. Just stick a classy dress or big tee-shirt on her first -- naked mannequins can be creepy.
If that's too out-there, another good option is a pegboard -- you can paint it a nice color, hang it on the wall, and attach some S-hooks to hang things on. Architheque recently posted a semi-tutorial on making a pegboard for jewelry. You could also cover a bulletin board with contrasting felt to attach your buttons onto, if you have the time. I think all you'd need is a heavy-duty stapler for that.
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It isn't very creative, but I love shallow baskets for display. I keep a couple on my dresser to hold hair bands and clips.

So overplayed, but hurricane lamps or apothecary jars always look nice.
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I have a corkboard which I've covered in awesome fabric and have nails sticking out of (get nails with some sort of coating or plastic covering so that they don't corrode your fixtures). The nails work well for hanging necklaces, bracelets, and other rounded things. I also have some crosshatched wire on part of it for hanging earrings and stuff - it also works well for hair clips and such. It is great because it doesn't take up any floor space and keeps all accessories at arms length.
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You could get a hawthorn branch, clear away any leaves and such and use the long thorns as hangers. I suspect that several, banded together (or maybe woven) could have a pretty neat look.
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You could try using a bunch of antique trays and filling them with sand or little pebbles. Or a mini-zen garden.
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I recently bought some black velvet covered jewelry display racks from a seller on ebay. They are the kind that boutiques use to display jewelry. I've got my whole bakelite bracelet collection on this 3 rung display rack now and it looks amazing. I also have several wooden framed boxes lined with black velvet that I have jewelry arranged in them. I hang necklaces on a vintage 50s children's toy gun rack that has pegs sticking out of it. I recently purchased some mounted deer antlers to hang more necklaces on.

I'm a big fan of clear glass refrigerator jars for stashing small stuff in A friend of mine keeps all of her lipsticks in a glass martini shaker in her bathroom...a pinback collection stored this way would look cool too.

I have all my earrings stuck into big vintage clothing buttons. I saw this in a Martha Stewart magazine. It looks neat and keeps the earrings with their mates.
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Spool organizers at a fabric store like Joann's-- it's basically a grid of little pegs sticking up. Look for the wooden ones and you can store rings, bracelets, and necklaces on them.
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You could get an antique picture frame (the kind that has a base so it stands up on its own) remove the glass, cover the part where the picture goes with velvet, and use stright pins to hang necklaces and earrings and whatever else. Mine took about 5 minutes to make. A photo of mine is in my flickr stream here
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i've seen a jewellery shop that has all their earrings hung on a wire that encircles this ikea "duno" floor lamp.
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