I'm looking for a Java game about controlling a roller coaster whose tracks had breaks / gaps in them.
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I'm looking for a certain java game. [mi]

I'm looking for a Java game. I originally found it from a link on some roller coaster website about a year back, but I can't find it. In the game, you control the acceleration and braking of a rollercoaster. The first level is a wooden roller coaster, second and third are steel. The third and possibly second have jumps/breaks in the tracks, so you have to build up speed to get past them. The background images, including the roller coasters themselves, appear to be nothing more than jpeg images, but the roller coaster and riders appear to be simple on-the-fly solid color shaded objects. On the back of the roller coaster train there is a brakeman, like on a railroad, operating the brake lever.

The train starts on the left, then as you move through the course of the roller coaster the image scrolls until finally the train rolls off the right of the screen. The game was not in English, but it was fairly simple to understand. I don't remember what specific site the game was actually located on, but IIRC it was some foreign phone/cell company. I was reminded of this game by the graphics style of this game at MiniClip, which is basically the style described above.

Anyone have a clue what I'm talking about?
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Response by poster: More memories of the game: As you play, you get points. You know you've earned a point when a little heart floats from the coaster train to the point counter in the corner of the applet.
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Right here (click the big VIEW link). And not to be a lame-ass about it, but this was the second google result for "rollercoaster java", took me 30 seconds.
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