What's the sample that begins "Sept 16 Triple X Love! Love!"?
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I bet you don't knowww.... Does anyone know what the reggae sample is that begins the Mountain Goat's "Sept 16 Triple X Love! Love!", off of the "Sweden" album?

It's just a few seconds, with a man singing "I bet you don't know..." before it cuts into the main song. Are there any Darnielle fans who know offhand? If not, I'll try to record that sample and post it later. Thanks!
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I've got no idea, but here's the sample.
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You might have some luck asking over at either the mountain-gats.com or LPTJ forums. John drops in those sometimes, even, so you may get it straight from the goat's mouth, so to speak.
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Dave Robinson "I Bet You Don't Know"
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That my friend is Shenley Duffus with "I Bet You Don't Know", an Upsetter production (Lee Scratch Perry). You can find it on The Complete UK Upsetter Singles Collection, Vol. 4. The original version is called "Beat Down Babylon" by the awesome Junior Byles.

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Ask on ILM. John Darnielle posts there somewhat regularly, although not usually with reference to The Mountain Goats. But someone else there probably knows.
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Sorry, I missed that the question was already (seemingly answered). ILM is still a good place to go with questions like that, though.
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