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Can someone give me the full lyrics of this UU hymn?

I heard "Creative Love, Our Thanks We Give" in church this morning and would like to get the words, but cannot find them online.

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It's in Worldwide Worship from Templeton Foundation Press, but that's not online either. Check the library, maybe?
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Or your local UU congregation, of course.
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Best answer: Creative love, our thanks we give that this, our world, is incomplete, that struggle greets our will to live, that work awaits our hands and feet;
That we are not yet fully wise, that we are in the making still--as friends who share one enterprise and strive to blend with nature's will.
What though the future long delat, and still with faults we daily cope? It gives us that for shich to pray, a field for toil and faith and hope.
Since what we choose is what we are, and what we love we yet shall be, the goal may ever shine afar--the will to reach it makes us free.
(289 in Singing the Living Tradition) Words by William DeWitt Hyde, 1858-1917, adapted by Beth Ide, 1921-
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