Searching for Mantegna & Other Images online (Good Quality)
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Good online quality images of the following pieces of Renaissance art.

Hi I am looking for online good quality versions of the following pieces of art, so that I can print off to have a close look at.

Virgin and Child,
Battle of the Sea Gods,
Entombment with Four Birds
Descent from the Cross

Antonio Pollaiuolo’s
Battle of Nude Men


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Most museums won't have images of print quality online because resale of these images presents a very nice revenue stream.

We have a few really nice images of these that have a zoom viewer that lets you take a closer look. Maybe that would help. Shameless but useful work-linking follows

Battle of the Nudes

Search for Mantegna

One of my life goals is to persuade the museum community to release really high quality images of public domain works to the world under Creative Commons licenses. Until then, I hope this will do.
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Artcyclopedia's search functionality is generally pretty good for this sort of thing.
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thanks - that's a big help for a couple of them...any idea on the virgin and child, Entombment with Four Birds and descent?

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Try ARTstor. As far as I can remember, you can't save them (without trickery), but the images are usually high resolution enough that you can get a close look.
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Here's a hi-res of Pollaiolo's 'Battle of the Ten Nudes', which is the same, although larger than, advicepig's link. Mantegna's wasn't there.

(Note: The Art Renewal Centre has a philosophy that seems at least a bit skeezy to many, including me -- that there's essentially a "Modernist" -- their word -- repression (their word) of fine art, and they feel that they are some of the lone crusaders against this -- the terminology is very like Marxism, but with 'Modernists' replacing the 'bourgeois'. So if you disagree with that philosophy, avoid going to the main site, because I know they keep track of hits to that site and celebrate milestones -- if you agree, hey, go ahead and spread the link around.)
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