Was the coin even important?
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Help me identify a movie I barely remember. Coins, pools, abandoned houses, and maybe a war?

A boy is given a coin by his father, and he throws it (or drops it) into the swimming pool behind his home. Much later, he returns to the house, now abandoned, and he finds the coin in the bottom of the dry pool. I want to say the family left because of a war, not a natural disaster.

That's really all I've got, except that the movie was on video in the mid to late eighties. It's been tickling my brain, on and off, ever since -- and I was maybe five when I saw this! Help?
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Best answer: That's from Empire of the Sun
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Best answer: To answer your question if the coin is important, I vaguely remember the father throwing the coin into the pool during a party (perhaps cinematically to illustrate their wealth), and then later when he returns home after getting separated from them, finds the coin in the bottom of the pool. Of course it doesn't help because at that point he's in need of food and the money is useless.
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Response by poster: Fantastic! Thank you.

I have to go rent this, now.
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I know this is answered already, but I have to say that this is one of my favorite films of all time. Christian Bale, playing Jamie (Jim), was amazing.
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It's one of my favorite movies too.
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That is an awesome and underrated movie. Rent it? Heck no, buy it! Stunning cinematography, great story.
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Loosely based on author J.G. Ballard's experiences in Japanese-occupied Shanghai. Great movie. P51 Mustang! Cadillac of the sky!
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Best answer: The book is excellent, by the way.
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2nding languagehat, book as good as film if not...
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