Indexing old CDs
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I have lots and lots of CD-ROMs of old files, scans of old papers I wanted to throw away to save space, etc. I'd like to have an index of them on my hard-drive, and found Offline CD Browser, some freeware that seems to do this. Has anyone used software to index their CDs that they'd like to recommend?
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I use an extremely old version of a piece of software called "Broken Cross CD Manager". It's shareware, but the free version allows you to only scan CD's which suits me just fine.

You can have multiple databases, it'll scan every file on the CD and store it and searching is dead easy. The only downside was that it was written before XP and so the top bar looks a little funny. Oh and the UI is a little bizzare with the buttons.

Having said all that this looks to be the website for it now and it's grown up quite a lot.

I'm downloading it right now ...
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Sorry, this is a better link.
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