a boat, a rock, and a rising tide: help me remember
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It seems my memory isn't what it used to be. I need help remembering a short story title and a movie... [more inside, of course]

The short story concerns a man, his son and nephew(?). They go fishing offshore (New England?) and somehow manage to lose their boat, but there is a rock. Unfortunately, there is also a rising tide. It was incredibly poignant and has stayed with me many years.

The movie is a science fictiony thing about some very strange children and a schoolteacher. At some point the children draw pictures of their arrival on Earth, someone falls out of a tree and breaks their leg and I think they could float in the air.
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Are these two different movies?

Is the first one "The Cay" ?
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The movie sounds like an adaption of "The People", by Zenna Henderson. Apparently there was an adaptation -- I didn't know -- and it starred William Shatner.
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The movie sounds like Escape to Witch Mountain. I also vaguely remember a horrible sequel with Bette Davis.
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The short story you're referring to is a favorite of mine....

The Ledge by Lawrence Sargent Hall. I have it in a paperback collection called American Short Story Masterpieces edited by none other than Raymond Carver.
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