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I'm doing some research for Las Vegas and I'd like to ask if anybody knows what are prices for NY Times, Financial Times and USA Today there.
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Best answer: You mean like newsstand prices? NYT is $1.25 anywhere outside NYC (Sunday's paper is $4.00). USA Today is .75.
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Best answer: Oh, and the FT is $2.
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Also international will vary by country - I could get the Sunday times in Sydney (about 3 days later) for $7 or $8 Aussie dollars about 3 years ago. Obviously every country (and perhaps every newsstand in the case of foreign places) may vary.
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AFAIK, some (many?) hotels give you USA Today for free outside your room door in the morning.
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Call where you plan to stay.

Ask for the price of room delivery for the papers. Or ask to be transferred to a/the hotel convenience/sundry shop. It's a sixty second phone call, so no big deal even if you have to call a dozen prospective hotels.
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Best answer: NYT, FT, and USAT have the same circulation prices wherever you are in the country. USAT and NYT have home delivery in many cities, and that's a standard rate no matter where you are. FT is delivered through the mail, with no home delivery available. If you aren't in a city where USAT and NYT have a relationship with a local carrier, you have to buy a mail subscription, which is the same price for wherever you live in the continental States. If you buy the papers a a newsstand, there's often times a markup, which is set by the newsstand itself. And I believe the national edition of the NYT is more expensive than the metro editions available in the NYT metro area, but again, the national edition has a flat rate that is the same no matter what part of the country you're in.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys. You rock!
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