Cab driver earnings described?
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Where can I find classified ads or articles showing the range of earnings for a taxi driver leasing his own vehicle?

Need something that an underwriter(mortgage) would recognize as an objective authority that confirms range of earnings a taxi driver could make. Please email for more details of necessary.
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Best answer: I imagine you might need a few sources for this for it to have persuasive power. You could start with the Bureau of Labor Statistics [eg.] for general/average earnings. If it were me, I would contact cab companies (or is that a redundant thing to say if you're the cab driver/owner?) and any governing body for taxis in your state and ask them.

I'm not in the States but lawyers, accountants and forensic actuarial workers usually have standard authorities on which they rely to calculate income projections - you could make a couple of general enquiry calls to some accountancy offices telling them you're thinking about engaging their services (and I would tell them the truth about what you're aiming at here) and ask offhandedly, sort of thing, what they might suggest. But I would be really surprised if you can't just get some decent data off the web. Otherwise I would be thinking about asking government transport-type bodies.

If you're in USA, you should say which state for anyone else who wanders in here.

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