Hong Jun?
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What does the phrase "Hong Jun" mean?

Guild of primarily chinese players on my wow server, just curious what the name means.
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Well, it depends. Are they speaking mandarin? If so, in pinyin it probably means red army.
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Right: 红军 hong2 jun1. Unquestionably the Red Army.
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Neat, thanks guys. Is that what the Chinese Army was actually called or is that more a literal Hong means Red Jun means army type thing?
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Technically, the Soviet Army was most well known as the Red Army. The Chinese Army is known as the Peoples' Liberation Army (PLA).
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And strangely, the Chinese navy is known as the "People's Liberation Army Navy".
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Steven - then you can guess what the PLAAF is.
The precursor of the PLA was known as the Red Army for a period during the revolutionary war.
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I should say there's also a possibility they're a group of Chinese fans of Liverpool FC or some other football team - you see that usage of Red Army imported too (I'd guess a reference to the actual Red Army is more likely though.)
Of course, if it's just pinyin romanisation, there's a even slimmer possibility it's something else altogether - e.g. 虹君, the "rainbow gentlemen" perhaps (just being silly now).
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And strangely, the Chinese navy is known as the "People's Liberation Army Navy".

That's because the word "army" in English connotates a land-based force, whereas "军" simply means some sort of military or armed force. For example, the term 美军("meijun") means the American military in general, not just the US Army. It's simply a matter of translation - somebody back in the day thought "People's Liberation Army" sounded cooler than "People's Liberation Military." Of course, then you get all the awkward-sounding translations such as "People's Liberation Army Navy" and so on.
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