White Stripes Rock Influences
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I'm interested in the influences of The White Stripes

I've loved the White Stripes for a long time. But lately it's becoming a borderline obsession. I'm very bummed I missed their Portland, Maine concert.

Anyway. I get all the blues influences, and the straight ahead rock influences (I think Meg sounds like I think John Bonham should have sounded).

But I hear, I think, things that sound like punk and detroit rock and really, a lot of stuff I don't know anything about. Maybe The Stooges or MC5? These are bands that I sort of blew by. Garage Rock? That's good?

So I'm looking for recordings I could check out that would fill in that background for me. I think it's angry 3 chord rock but I'm not really sure.

Any record tips?
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Maybe The Stooges or MC5?


Garage Rock? That's good?

Start will the Nuggets and Back From The Grave comps. Also, listen to some Yardbirds. That influence is all over the Stripes.
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Response by poster: @jonmc, any stooges or MC5 albums to recomend? I know nothing at all.
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Response by poster: Is this the nuggets album?
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Greg Cartwright (Compulsive Gamblers, Oblivians), Billy Childish (Thee Headcoats, Thee Mighty Caesars, &c.), and solo Holly Golightly.
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(I think Meg sounds like I think John Bonham should>/i> have sounded).

i'll cut you, man.

Hound Dog Taylor and Hasil Adkins come to mind.
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The Gories.

I Know You Fine...But How you Doin'? and Houserockin' are both awesome albums. And also Mick Collins' newer band, The Dirtbombs. But I like the Gories better.

And also The Makers. But only their first four albums (Howl, All Night Riot, The Makers, Hunger). They went in a shitty direction after that. But they did re-record some of their old songs on an album called Stripped.

Hrm...also: The Oblivions, The Mummies, The Revelators, Billy Childish, The Bellrays. Lots of new and old stuff from Crypt Records.
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On preview, I misspelled Oblivians and Bigfoot beat me to it anyway. And the Revelators that I refer to are these guys, not the band that shows up when you google "The Revelators."
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Jack White did this interview on NPR this summer, touching on this topic of influences. Mountain Music is the term he used for bluegrass/hillbilly music.
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If Jack white never listened to a John Spencer Blues Explosion album I will eat my hat.
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Kick Out The Jams(MC5) and Raw Power (Stooges).
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nthing Raw Power and the Back From the Crypt series (Crypt Records RIP!). Hell, nthing all the stuff recommended thus far!

I'd add: Stooges (Fun House), Bon Scott-era AC/DC, Bo Diddley, First 2 New Bomb Turks (Destroy-oh-Boy, Information Superhighway Revisited), obscure 60s Motown/soul, Richard Hell, Television, Velvet Underground, Violent Femmes.

Also, definitely go out tomorrow and buy a double CD compilation called Root Damage. It's on Sympathy for the Record Industry label. It sums it all up pretty well, IMO.

You might want to explore this question in terms of record labels. Lots of these bands are labelmates with other bands who share their sensibilities. I'd recommend Crypt, In the Red, Sympathy, Get Hip, Hell Yeah, Lookout, Am/Rep.
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I liked Sound Opinion's review of Icky Thump for a succinct description of what makes the White Stripes good. It was something along the lines of "they take all the forgotten american music, and mix it up and modernize it and make it accessible for their audience."

Its show #82, here: http://www.soundopinions.com/archive/2007/june.html.
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I really do know html.

That show is here.
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I'm pretty sure that this is the Nuggets comp jonmc was referring to, and I will second its awesomeness.
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I'd also be surprised if they weren't fans of Flat Duo Jets.

And what jonmc said, obviously.
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Jack White was a furniture upholsterer while he started out the band with his then-wife. You might ask the guy he apprenticed with.
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Kick Out The Jams(MC5) and Raw Power (Stooges).

Oh yeah, these albums ROCK. If you like Jack White you will likely dig these albums.
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Check out the AMG page, good links to similar artists although the influences section is severely lacking. Definitely early blues a la Robert Johnson and Blind Willie, Mick Collins, Jon Spencer and the Detroit rock revival, taking the blues and ripping it up, putting it back together again. Also The Black Keys, The Detroit Kobras, The Paybacks. And everyone that has already been mentioned.
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Most definitely early Who.
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For Detroit garage/punk rock, the Dirtbombs are an obvious influence. As is Mick's earlier band, the Gories. Altough they are a bass heavy band, the rock, blues, and soul aspects are right in line with the Stripes
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Sorry, both bands were already suggested by mullacc.
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On their recent Canadian tour, the "waiting around while the roadies set stuff up" music was AC/DC shuffled in with some bluesman or another. It sounded remarkably like their new album. There's definitely a lot of Led Zeppelin influence on that album too.
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Son House, Blind Willie Mctell.
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I'm not a big listener, but to me the arrangements, vocals and general approach sound like Marc Bolan and T-Rex.
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