Help me remember a horror title
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Help me remember the title of this horror movie. Plot basics: Single dad has two kids. He digs a hole under the garage. He abducts people and tells his kids they are demons (or evil people) and kills them. I would guess it came out sometime around 2000-2004? My googlefoo as failed me!
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Best answer: Frailty
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Cannibal Holocaust.
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Frailty is an interesting movie b/c one of the sons ends up taking over for his father.
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you've got your answer already. Frailty.

It's such a great movie! Everyone reading this, go watch it! And dude, bove? Spoiler much?
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In case it wasn't abundantly clear, Roman Graves is kidding and the answer is "Frailty" as the others have pointed out.

Good movie that graphically illustrates the inherent and insoluble problem with the idea of Abraham sacrificing his kid because God told him to. How do you differentiate between God telling you to get rid of the demons and just going bugfuck crazy and becoming a homicidal maniac?
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yeah thanks bove, guess ill skip it
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That's not much of a spoiler, actually.
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Awww... but there's more to it than bove's spoiler.

It's worth a rent.
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Bill Paxton is totally tits. His roles in True Lies and Aliens are true quotable classics, and Frailty seriously freaked me out.

"Game over, man!"
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That's really not a spoiler at all since it begins with one son telling a story about the other who's a murderer....
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Bove's spoiler isn't even a spoiler.

Frailty is a terrific movie, one that I watch every year or so. I think it is even better after the first viewing.
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Sorry if I spoiled it for anyone, but as others have said, you learn of this plot point at about minute 2 or 3 of the movie. Plus, the original poster had obviously seen the movie. Now if you want the real spoiler, here it is.

And I would address Justinian's point above, but that would really be a spoiler. However, that is what makes the movie truly interesting.
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Huh, I saw that movie on TV once. Pretty freaky. I didn't even know it wasn't some TV movie.
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It's a great movie, and bove, you really did spoil a bit. Next time, try to contain your excitement, maybe.
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Excellent flick. Filmed in the Orange, Ca, circle. One murder scene took place in the garage next door to where I used to live!
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Response by poster: Thanks, yup that is it! Frailty.

I loved this film and plan on getting it.

The thing loved about this movie is it was so different.

Thanks all for the quick answer!
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I was surprised that that movie wasn't a big hit, but I suppose the subject matter (really nutty Christian fundies) was a bit too much for a lot of USians.
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