Large Fire-breathing Tiki explodes.. news at 11
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Manly projects? What completely useless but cool thing could a bunch of 30-something guys build as a bonding experience? There is

A group of friends and myself have been having an on and off poker night for the last few years, that has become stale - we been trying to do different things (bowling, shooting pool, etc) but nothing seems to catch our attention. So wifeHawk suggested doing something large and ludicrous. I like the idea, but was hoping for the hive mind to help come up with ideas. The guys and me are decently competent with tools, electronics, plumbing for air and water, etc... basically if the idea takes us, I'm sure we'll figure out how to get it done.

A few ideas I've come up with is building a Soap Box racers (or two) and racing down a block, a huge fire-breathing tiki, "pimping" out a wreck of a car (although no idea where it'd be stored)....

So I put it to the hive - what have you always thought.. "hey that's cool, I should build one of those!"
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why not put your urge to build to use helping out Habitat for Humanity? That way you're helping other people out, building stuff, AND bonding, all at once...
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You can always build a treehouse/backyard fort for one of the group's kids.
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How about a Trebuchet?
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How bout Life sized Rockem sockem robots?
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Have any local inconvenient ravines? Build a rope bridge. You can do a remarkably good bridge in just a few hours; all you need is lots of rope and some timbers to use as supports on either side.

One possible problem is that they aren't permanent; the rope will stretch over time, so you can't leave it up forever... it'll get dangerous. If you wanted something that would last, you'd have to make it out of wood or stone.
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Response by poster: tumbleweedjack - Unfortunately, since most have kids, we can't dedicate the amount of time needed for HFH.
(I've done it, and will do it again)
This is more along the lines of something we can work on for a few hours every couple of weeks...
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Best answer: A Viking longboat.
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How about some giant Rube Goldberg device? If one of you has a backyard he wouldn't mind sacrificing for a few weeks, I bet you could come up with something really awesome.
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Buy a vintage badass muscle car and restore it?
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Kit car.
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Build an arcade cabinet out of an old computer running MAME?
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Model rockets? Not just for kids anymore, but still y'know for kids, so you can get the kids involved if/when necessary.
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Best answer: Home Brewing
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Go for cool but useful and occasionally delve into the frivolous. That'll keep the wives not only tolerating the time you spend together, but positively encouraging it.

Start with some Tetris bookcases for the house. Then maybe make a paper pinhole camera and then later graduate to one with a nice wood case. Check places like instructables, MAKE: Blog, and other DIY sites for ideas.

And second homebrewing. These projects are useless without beer.
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Seconding the MAKE:Blog, and will also plug the magazine. Plenty of neat projects in every issue.
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Seconding trebuchet. Start with "throw a cue ball 100m" and work your way up to "throw a Volvo."
If you're going to build soap box racers, you should up the ante a bit and add 5HP lawnmower engines. x + internal combustion engine = much better x.
If you know someone who can weld, a Pyrophone would be dangerous and impressive.
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DrFedora stole my answer. To it, I'll add: build an arcade coffee table (cocktail mode), or build a few MAME cabinets and network them, if possible. If it's not possible, make it possible. This could turn into a business if you get it down solid and work out the licensing issues.
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Why don't you do something manly and get brownie points from the wives at the same time? Have every guy think up spme kind of home improvement that his wife would enjoy. ie: deck, playset for the kids, enclose a garage, etc. Every fella is responsible for the cost of materials for his house and you all go from house to house until all the projects are finished. You get some bonding, boy time, learn new skills from each other and best of all, the wives are happy and can't complain about you being "with the guys". Best of luck!
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535 ft, downhill slip n slide
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Two words: potato guns.
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I've always thought it would be cool to build a hovercraft.

Oh! You can't build that -- I'm a girl, and I think it would be cool to build. Guess it's not manly then. Oops.
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Kit car? Bah. Kit plane.
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You could build a couple of boats and race them, or use them to assemble a floatilla and explore your local lakes, or pool your time/resources and build a single large boat and sail it together.


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Best answer: If you have space, you can build a pretty extensive paintball field with not too much complexity, but lots of construction. Building a sauna house or a bath house is on my list of eventual projects. A trebuchet is pretty classic, though.

Nthing that homebrewing is a necessity for any project.
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A tricked-out, wood-fired sauna? Someone would have to dedicate a small amount of real estate for this one, but it sure would be nice come wintertime. There's almost nothing better than a well built sauna on a winter night.
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How about a giant wooden man, then set it on fire?
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two words: half pipe
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Bike Pump track and dirt jumps. I did it with a bunch of guys for my 43rd birthday. Holy shit, it was fun. It still is (I ride it most days).
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Analog synth.
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First Class Horseshoe satisfies the urge to build something and provides a great beer swilling replacement for the poker game. We just added lighting to our pit and were recently found tossing shoes at 3am. I highly recommend a design with backboards that include a beer shelf. You need the space to build and neighbors who will tolerate the clanking, but it is a great project...there are lots of websites where you can research specs.
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Lots of ideas here. While in Boy Scouts, I led the building of one of these... To this day, I have no idea why the adults with us trusted us to construct something like that but we all survived, so I guess it was ok.
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An elderly relative passed away last year, and the bulletin board at his funeral included a decades-old photograph of him riding a tractor that he had built. Apparently he built two.

I thought that was cool. Sadly, I've never built any tractors.
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Anything from Backyard Ballistics.

Sailboat building looks fascinating but is frought with complications and a sizeable investment in time, money and yard space.
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I say, treehouse or fort, but screw the kids (not literally). Build a fort for you and your friends...I'VE GOT IT! Build a fort for home-brewing! The end.
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working model airplanes and/or rockets

Try to think of something that you would all enjoy (for example, I mention airplanes and rockets because I've always been fascinated by aerospace).

Your local hobby shop should have enough gizmos and things in the field you enjoy to keep you and your friends busy for decades.
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Why not build each guy in your group a workshop that fits his style (which is basically a manfort), and then go for the trebuchet or giant slingshot or other backyard ballistics mentioned above? Hovercraft, boxcar, Rube Goldberg device or Viking longboat also sound intriguing.
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Seconding Habitat for Humanity, but man, a trebuchet would be really cool.

Also a Viking long boat.
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So the game's begun to pall for you
(Not to mention the rest of the crew)?
Eschew the Buds and butts,
Trim your ballooning guts:
Dawg, salvation lies within the blue.
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Catapult: Harry and I Build a Siege Weapon by Jim Paul is an entertaining and humorous story about male bonding. Adding my vote to the trebuchet/seige engine project.
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jungle-gym equipment for your parks rec dept? Liability issues might complicate matters, but it'd be cool to make something useful
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Candyfab 4000.
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Form a stealthy ninja squad, and secretly hang a tire swing in a tree in every park.

The OMGThinkOfTheChildren! crowd will rush to pull them down rather than let wee Tommy have so much fun he might get grass-stains on his clothes, but some of the swings... those in the deepest depths of the woods where only the children go to explore... some of those will escape notice... except by the children... and thus the Legacy of the Tire Swing will survive another generation!
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How about each one of you thinks of things that they would like to do/have/build (it could be anything from a pimped out motorcycle to finally renovating the den), that don't necessarily benefit the group, perhaps only themselves, and then as a group you get all of these projects done. Thus the benefit to yourselves is that you get YOUR project done, and the cost is helping out with theirs.

One of the advantages of this is that it allows for the kind of cool projects that the group otherwise wouldn't be able to do because they can't easily be shared, like a fort/off-grid nuclear bomb/makeout shelter (which can only be on one person's property, which would otherwise limit the group appeal), and things which aren't as cool, but would otherwise cost someone a lot more time and money.
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Also, potentially a dumb idea, but raise the suggestion of you guys forming a syndicate to pool a few grand with which to buy some cheapass plot of rural land. Once you've got land, then you can go NUTS with the kind of cool projects no-one ever does because the only land people own is for their home. Suddenly, the craziest stuff (build a modern stonehenge to last the ages) becomes doable.
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ooo. I kinda like the "buy a chunk of land in the woods" bit. Depends a lot on where you're at.
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Best answer: How about a basement/garage bar? Start with the counter, add barstools, personalized signs, etc. It can start small but then you can build all kinds of other bar accessories - like a shuffleboard table, custom etched glasses and pitchers, and so forth.

You could go more advanced and design a complex beer delivery system via lots of copper tubing, like the Yard House. Or some way of firing a beer bottle out of a fridge and down the bar. Whatever. The ROI on this is just tremendous, in man-points.

Only thing is, start with the small, manageable stuff and DO IT. Otherwise, this will become all planning with no actual doing.
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Any of you got some big trees in the backyard? Build a treehouse. A BIG treehouse. A tree FORTRESS! Something that your kids and the adults can enjoy.
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Wood-burning pizza oven? For the back patio. Not useless, though.
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Ferrocement catamaran.
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My friends' imaginations have been captured by the idea of doing a high-altitude balloon project, but that's mostly electronics and physics, not so much carpentry and plumbing.

For the greasemonkeys: Do an alternative-fuel vehicle. Straight-vegetable-oil conversion, or electric conversion, depending on your group's skills and ambitions.

Oooo, boatbuilding. Of course, Habitat is a worthy cause, too. But boats! BOATS!

"There is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats." -- Kenneth Graham
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Get a schoolbus, add a 5000 watt sound system, spiral staircase, roof deck, full bar, side-mounted propane flame throwers, go go dancer cages, fricken lasers, and drive it around like a party on wheels. In the desert.
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Jumping off of the land ideas, don't underestimate how much fun large earth moving equipment is. You can do some pretty serious terraforming pretty quickly.
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Response by poster: Damn good ideas everyone!
Favorites... well beer, the Longboat is an awesome idea, points for mentioning paintball (I play in tournaments)...

Thanks - now the hard part is getting everyone to agree on one to do :-)
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