Finding an Apartment in Delft
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There's a good chance that I'll be moving to the Netherlands in the next few weeks. What are the best resources that could help me find a place to live (preferably a studio apartment) in Delft?
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Is your move university-related (student, postdoc)? If so, they can help you out with a relatively cheap appartment for the first year. If that is not an option, finding an appartment will be difficult. Student appartments (shared facilities) are usually rented out according to a terrible system in which the current group of inhabitants choose from a group of applicants ("instemming"). Conventional housing is assigned according to a system with a waiting list, so there's little change that you will get an invitation in your first year(s).

If you want to spent more, there are (at least) two commercial housing agencies: and They will mostly rent out furnished appartments in the higher segments. If you're here for a relatively short period, this might be worthwile. It will also enable you to find something cheaper.

If you have any detailed questions, please feel to contact me (e-mail is in my profile). Welcome to Delft! It's a great little city.
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Response by poster: I would potentially be staying in Delft from the end of September to March/April with a Christmas break. I'll be doing an internship there so it's not directly university related since I wouldn't be attending school, but I am still in that age group. I have been looking on DUWO which is the only website I had found thus far, but like you said it seems you have to register to take advantage of the system.
posted by kepano at 12:05 PM on September 4, 2007 is the largest Dutch housing site with places for sale and for rent. You need some basic knowledge of Dutch to find your way around, though, since I don't think there's English-language site navigation. The descriptions of furnished appartments that people are offering for rent to ex-pats tend to be in English.
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Also check out Expatica, as posting a question there might get you some helpful responses.
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Pursue DUWO a bit more, consider skyping them directly. Surely they speak English. Definately push this option if you are a student/PhD/post-doc/etc. It is no problem to commute to Delft from Amsterdam daily so consider that too (though the transportation requires taking a train, but service is reliable). Expatica is ok, but it is a long-shot IMO.
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